Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Wintery Post

Although it is the perfect day to just weave, I've pretty much spent the day catching up on Facebook, email and doing laundry. It's the perfect day because the southeast was bombarded by snow and sleet, which started here yesterday. We were well warned by the local stations and the WeatherChannel that this storm was on the way. So me, and all the other white haired people, were at the grocery store early. I went for the ingredients to my favorite beef & vegetable soup (and a few other things) and I was in & out quickly. Although it wasn't scheduled to start until around 4 p.m., the tiny snow particles started here around 1 p.m. That was followed by big snow flakes that quickly covered everything, and later, sleet. The sleet coated the tree branches, which is always a worry. This morning when I opened the door to let Sass outside, she just stood in the doorway. At first I couldn't understand what the problem was, then I heard a loud POP, and a big branch came down right in front of us. I guess you could say that Sass saved my life!!!! Later, I discovered a large branch in the driveway when I ventured out to get the newspaper.

But, enough about the weather!
I went to weave on Anne Wilson's exhibit, Wind/Rewind/Weave, at the Knoxville Museum of Art on Thursday. I was a little concerned about using the temple for the first time, but I had listened carefully to the instructions and was ready to do exactly what they had told us to do. I looked at the weaving that had been done earlier in the week, and noticed that the previous weavers had been mainly in a "blue" mood. I can understand that! We had been hearing so much gloom & doom about the weather forecast that it would be easy to stick with those colors.

You can see the weaving that had already been done, and you'll see mainly blues. But, I was determined to brighten up my mood, and well as the weaving. I started thinking about laying on the beach, and tropical colors. I found a great turquoise, bright yellow and magenta that spoke of a warmer climate. A very nice lady visiting the exhibit chose the lime green for me. You're right, I didn't get a LOT of weaving done, but I sure did enjoy the part that I did! And, I think that the temple is a wonderful tool!

Pat came to relieve me, and I couldn't believe it was time to go! The time had flown past! She, too, had a curious visitor that wanted to talk about weaving. We never have a problem sharing our love of this art!!!

Happy WARM Weaving,

p.s. It's snowing, AGAIN!!!!


Tina said...

Tom and I will come by one Thursday while you are there. Let me know the next time you are scheduled! I can see why you needed to brighten it up a bit. I never thought I would ever think there was too much blue, but there it is!
Sounds like you all are having a lot of fun on this! If Tom is busy one Thursday I will join you.

Maggie said...

What kind of loom is that? You were so lucky to have Sass warn you! That's a huge branch!

LA said...

I think I heard Carol say it is a Norwood. It is on loan from Arrowmont.

Anonymous said...

It's a Macomber on loan from Arrowmont. Took some getting used to because the harnesses move around some as they go up and down and sometimes hang up. Isn't your loom a Macomber, Bonnie?

Bonnie said...

Yes,it is like the one that I have ,minus the computer part. It does take some getting use to.