Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You Might Think.....

If you were to come on Tuesday morning to the Appalachia Arts Crafts Center, and come downstairs where all the looms are,

You might think that there really wasn't much going on.

For example, you might think that this group of weavers were just hanging around, when in reality they were preparing to do one of the most basic but indispensable chores that we weavers do.  They are getting ready to put a warp on this rug loom.

We don't usually use this much manpower to put a warp on a loom, but Irene has a loom just like this at home, and she and her husband were taking pictures so that they understood the process.

By the end of the day the warp was on the loom, and next week the threading will get done, and who knows the first rug may be underway.

While that task was being undertaken, I circulated around the room taking pictures of the different fabrics that were on the looms.

Miss Ila's 


Lou Ann










Pat's warp again after she added some weft

I was surprised that I can match up each weaver with their fabric.  I suppose it is because I watch each project happen from the very beginning.  Just like the warp going on the Studio Rug loom.

A casual observer may first thing we just stand around and chat, but if they were to hang around long enough they would know that we really do get some weaving done.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina for all


LA said...

I took pictures as Carol and I warped a loom when I first started weaving. They were a big help when I warped my first loom at home. I'm sure that Irene will find them useful, too! Great pictures, Tina!

Theresa said...

Quite a lovely assortment of weaving! Talk about choices! I had a manual of pics with my first loom too. It was done and sent along by the gal I bought the Murphy loom from, her then 10 year old son did the warping. He had seen it done so many times. It was a great help since while the steps aren't hard, there are many and it is easy to forget a step when you are new ( or experienced for that matter!).

Bonnie said...

Such a verity of patterns and colors. All so beautiful.