Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday Rundown

Well....I guess we didn't scare her too badly.  Joan returned today with her warp on her loom--ready to thread that puppy!  Carol will have her weaving in no time!!! 
  Irene has volunteered to serve on the Education Committee at the Center.  She has already gotten involved in the inner-city school project with Margi, and the Kid's Camp this summer.  Watch out!  We'll put you to work!!!

  As always, there's catching up to do first thing in the morning.  (And, sometimes you are just trying to finish your breakfast!) 
  Do you see the stack of finished rugs in the foreground?  Those are the ones that Pat cut off the loom last week.

Jocelyn got the threading fixed, and she's on her way to waffle weave towels.  Always thirsty....always great!!!!


  Pat and Carl got busy with the rag cutter and cut the strips for Carl's newest rug.    Later, Pat lined up a whole bunch of 8/4 colors for her new placemat warp.  We'll get to see that next week.

  Carl wove the header for the finished rug, and put the spacers in for the fringes.  The new rug will be off and running next week!

  Now that the mystery towel warp is wound on, Tina is trying to decide on the threading for the 500-some odd ends.  Davison is always the go-to book!!!

Yes....Marie is busy with the bookkeeping.  She does such a great job keeping up with what has sold, and what we still have on the floor.  We can't say it enough:  Thank you, Marie!

  This is normally the "Ladies" picture....Bonnie seems to be alone on the back row today.

  Oh....Ms. Ila was busy talking to Betsy and Sharon!!!  That explains it! 
  But, where is Shirley?????

Another great day at weaving.  I am over half way through on the Dogwood throw.  The tent clamps are working nicely as a temple, thank goodness! 
  Lots of new things next week!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

One day we will get Carol on that waffle weave for a weaving technique video. It's been ages since she has had a project a the center, and the newer weavers haven't seen her weave!

Theresa said...

Can't wait to see your dogwood throw, but plenty of eye candy to keep us happy. Those rigs look fabulous!