Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thank You, Pat!

  I found out first thing Tuesday morning....
Pat Head Summitt had passed away early that morning.  She was only 64 years old, and had battled Alzheimers since 2011.
  I first encountered Pat in 1974 when I transferred to the University of Tennessee.  As so often happens, they declared that I needed one more P.E. for graduation.  So, I took a folk dance class that was held at the old Memorial Gym on the Hill.  The ladies basketball team had practice in the gym after our class was over, and they would gather on the sidelines as we finished class.  The "new" coach didn't look much older than I was, which in fact she wasn't!  But, she had such an air of command about her....she was all business.

She went on the coach the gold medal team in the 1984 Olympic games.  She has the most wins of ANY college basketball coach:  1,098. 
  And, one of the most important things:  she had 100% graduation rate from her players.
  I could go on and on telling about her accomplishments, but they are all part of public record. 
  I can say that we are sad....even the sunset on Tuesday evening paid tribute to this special lady. 
  Yes.....that cloud looks like the great state of Tennessee.  How fitting.  Even the sky was orange.
  She was a great role model for us all, and she will be missed.


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Theresa said...

LouAnn, Pat was known and loved by many not just in TN! Women's basketball nationwide gained in stature and respect. 64 is way too young to have been stricken
with this disease. And that cloud really does look like your great state!