Saturday, June 11, 2016

Same As the First

I have had a busy week as so many others have, but I was able to make some progress on 2 projects.  The first project is the second Jacobs fleece that I got from Betsy's friend a couple of years ago.  I had them washed right away, but one thing and another kept me from combing them.  I finished the other fleece last week and so this week I concentrated on this one.  This fleece I call #1 because it is a softer and less messy than # 2.

You cans see just how beautiful it is.  It was a little bit sticky with residual lanolin, so I resorted to sprinkling it liberally with talcum powder to soak up the sticky, and it worked remarkable well, though it did slow the process down a bit.

I am almost done with this fleece, and I really only have a couple more of my personal fleeces left to do both of which are dark brown, but softer than soft!   One is Cormo/Jacobs cross and the other is Cormo/ Romney cross.

(The Museum fleeces?  I am tempted to send them out to be made into roving!)

I also got a chance to weave on the new t-shirt rug, though I did not finish it.  I stopped here because, while I love how the colors are tracking, I am not sure I am in love with the color I chose for the hem.  Perhaps black would have been better?  I don't know and I would love some input on this.

That is about it on the creative side, not even much knitting going on this week, which is unusual.  But I am not worried about it, everything in it's season, and all that.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

I like the neutral hem, but you could do a quick sample to see if the black works better for you. I think sending the fleeces off might be a good decision.

Theresa said...

Neutral hem works for me and I second LA thoughts that sending off the fleeces for processing is a good idea. Frees you us for other more creative endeavors!