Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Just Another Tuesday?

****Just a note:  after a wild & wooly summer storm yesterday afternoon, I was left without power until after midnight.  I apologize that this post is late!!!!

  As you might remember from last week, Pat had hemmed the rugs that came off the loom the week before.  Since we're in need of placemats for the Shop, she looked in the box of leftover cones, and pulled these lovely colors for her new warp.  Folks....this is an 18 yard warp!!!!!

It just so happens that Margi brought a whole bunch of colorful tablecloths that we could use as weft.  After Margi got the hems cut off, Charlotte joined the different ones together on one edge.  Next week we'll have the rag cutter out to cut the strips for Pat's placemats.  Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!!!!  Who knew????

  On the other side of the table, Polly had the serger going.  It really helps to stabilize the edges before you hem!  Irene, also, was working on finishing some handwovens.  That's Joan in the background....we didn't scare her off!  She's hard at work on her first warp.

  Sharon finished up the 7th placemat of this colorway, and started on number eight.  That's more for the Shop!!!
  Betsy was on the last rug of this warp, which she will use to make a tote bag.

After lunch, it was ready to be cut off the loom.

The last one was woven by Sharon.  She was trying out the clasp weave technique.  I didn't write it down:  were there 4 or 5 rugs on that warp????

  Tina finished threading the towel warp (remember...this was the warp without a cross and was a bit of a tangle!)  She worked out a monk's belt threading for the border.  With this lovely warp, there are so many possibilities for colors to use for the monk's belt.

Linda is right there beside Tina, and she's on #7 or #8 placemat of this batch...she's not sure!!!  That's more for the Shop!  (By the way, her shirt says:  Weavers Are Warped.)

  Ms. Ila is sporting the latest in weaving fashion:  compression gloves!  Actually, with all the felting that she did over the last few weeks, her hands were feeling rather tender.  She reports that these gloves really help.

  Carl will be vying with Pat for the rag cutter next week.  He brought a whole bag of joined blue jean legs that are ready to be cut into strips.  That will be another rug on that barn loom!

After ragging me for chatting while I wound my bobbins, I snapped this shot of Marie winding her pirns for her napkins!  She really loves her end feed shuttle!

And, keeping an eye on all of this is our fearless leader, Carol.  I'm not real sure what Margi is paying her for, though..............

  Bonnie brought some of the bounty from her garden to share with the Tuesday Weavers.  They have an abundance of zucchini and little yellow squash right now!  Thank you, Bonnie!
  Next week will be our Potluck lunch.....stay tuned for lots of great food!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

After you left Lou Ann, I even got the colorful warp sleyed and lashed on! Next week we will see if my idea is a good on or not!

Theresa said...

Love the colorful placemat warp! As always, inspiration to be found. Glad the power came back on. :-)