Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ticking Off My List

YES....the placemats are woven and off the loom!!!

And, yes....I changed my mind and put hems in the last two rather than fringes!  I really love this little huck variation pattern, and I plan on doing another run of them using the heavier kitchen cotton for warp.  The next run will use all my Fiesta Ware colors, though!!!!

  This means that I'm ready to start practicing for the big smack down in July.  I've got to get up close and personal with my wool stash selection and see if I have anything to use for practice.  I think I have only done one weaving project with wool, so there's a little learning curve here!  (This will go on my new to-do list.)

  I got all my watering done this morning.  We had loads of rain during the weekend, but, it has been dry the last few days.  My hay bales are not doing too well, but this little herb garden is going gang busters!
  This was my old fire pit.  The bottom had rusted out, but I lined it using landscaping fabric.  I mixed some of Tina's good "soil" with the potting mix, and everyone seems very happy.


  And, here's another container project (kitty litter bucket) that is doing very well.  I do love cherry tomatoes.
  I found some fresh okra and green beans to fix for supper tonight (the green beans are already on the stove!)  I'm ready for those lovely summer meals!

Oh, yes.....and there's another summer thing I'm ready for!

Happy Weaving!

p.s.   And then I'll get back to my list.


Tina J said...

Doesn't it feel good to get something off of the looms! Your garden looks good, I wonder what is going on with the straw-bales that it isn't working for you. That pool looks very refreshing!

Theresa said...

So pretty! I haven't woven with wool too often these days but it isn't hard really.
That pool sure looks inviting!