Monday, June 6, 2016

A Life Changer

I was all set last week to get as much woven as I could. After all, my next show is in July and I need to get a lot woven for it. I had no intentions of being distracted from that. Then I saw Maggie's post about needing to find homes for her 2 youngest cats. They will turn 1 this week. From the same litter, she didn't want to separate the sisters. I tried not to think about them.
Then Tuesday at weaving LouAnn mentioned that they needed homes. I just happened to say that they looked like my sister's cat Bear, one of the 4 that she bottle raised a couple of years ago.
Our cat Molly died last June at 17. We were sort of ready for another one but we're waiting at this point.
Tuesday evening I showed Maggie's post to DH and he said for me to check it out.
So Wednesday morning I went to Maggie's home to see them.
They came home with a big crate, toys, food and litter...

So, how do you take pictures? That term about herding cats is so true.
DH managed to hold them long enough for a picture.
They stayed a moment together on our bed. They already like the warmth of our water bed. I often catch them sleeping on it, or standing on the corner watching the door open when I come in.
We have them in our bedroom right now. It's a big room with lots of room to play and explore. Our house is fairly large with lots of yarn that needs to be put up before we let them out, skeins of bamboo still hanging on the rack. It'll be soon that they have the run of the house but not just yet.
So, what have we named them? It took awhile but we finally decided on names we liked for them.
This is Meg, short for Nutmeg. She like the laundry basket I put out for them to play in. 
She's a very cuddly cat. If she gets going, she will lie at your neck and purr for half an hour. Of course, it's when she feels like it.
This is Belle, short for Tinkerbelle. Our daughter named her. Belle is more standoffish. She loves to be petted and purrs like crazy but doesn't want to be as close as Meg. Maggie told us she's the escape artist. She did get out of the bedroom once when our daughter came to meet them. By the time she caught up with her, she was down in the living room.
Right now they're happy up here. It's a huge change, just the two of them without the other 2 cats and dog that Maggie has. We'll introduce them to the rest of the house gradually.  
I do know that once they have the run of the place that they will take off and run like crazy up and down the 2 sets of stairs. It'll be something to hear, I'm sure. I'll let you know when that happens!!

I'm back weaving this week. A warp is ready to go on the loom when I cut off the fabric that's on there now and the woven pieces I washed are ready for their next step in the process.  I'll take breaks and come up here to check on the kittens (they're so much smaller than Molly was) and give them lots of attention between their naps.
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

What a good fit! They look very happy in their new home. Now....back to weaving!

1horsetown said...

Torties are awesome cats! We are in an orange cat phase, but the last tortie we had was the best cat we ever had.

Theresa said...

Well obviously you were in dire need to have those supervisory jobs filled. :-)
Lovely puddy-tats!

erin said...

They look like my little Listerine! Torties *are* a hoot! I can't wait to hear the stories. Lucky you!