Friday, June 24, 2016

New Kitchen Towels on the Loom

I have spent some time each week over the last month loading the 8 shaft loom with two of the narrow 12/3 cotton 100yd warps that I have.  I used up all of the warp sticks I had on hand and I even went to the big box store and purchased some more and used those too.  I finally decided that I was not going to purchase enough slats to get all 50yds of the warp on the back beam, and I cut the "chain" of warp from the bin, saving the cross with some lease sticks for the next time.  I don't know how much is really on the warp beam but that is okay, there is enough.  These will be Kitchen towels,  16 inches across and woven 27 inches long, that will include the hem on each end.

I have had some issues with this loom (Vintage 8 harness Binder from Pasedena, California) in the past.  Last year shafts 1 and 2 seemed to be stuck about 1/4 of an inch above the rest, but that seems to have resolved itself while the loom was between projects. ( I won't complain!)  The brake doesn't hold as well as I would like, but usually I can treat that as an automatic advance system, tightening the cloth beam as I weave.   There are also stiff wires that raise the shafts, and some of those want to come unhooked now and then.  I wrapped some blue tape around the hook on the wires  to see if that would help and it did.   I will probably replace the tape with some tiny zip ties that I have in the tool box, it would definitely look better!

I was searching for an 8 shaft pattern that would give me a lot of choices for borders on these Kitchen  towels, and I came across an 8 shaft rosepath pattern with what seems like dozens of choices, all you have to do is change the treadle tie ups and you are set with what seems like a completely new pattern, all of the holidays are covered, Valentines day thru Christmas.  It is a 2 shuttle weave, but only for the border, the rest is one shuttle zoom, zoom!

This is the first of what will be many border patterns I am sure.  I found this in Carol Strickler's "A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns".  This pattern is on page 29, tie up #100.  

Well,  now looking at it,  I look at the picture on  page  29 and what is in my picture, hmmm, a doubt arises in my mind!  I checked the threading and, yes indeed, I used the threading from  page 30 not page 29,  now I am going to have to make a note of what I have done, so that I can do it again if I want to.

Oh well, I have yards of warp ahead of me, and I can rethread if I choose to do so, and I may,  it wouldn't be the first time I have done that.  I do think I will do several towels with this threading first, it is the one with all the variations I was talking about earlier.

 Until next time, I hope that you are able to get some good crafting time this weekend, Tina


LA said...

Those warp chains just keep on giving!!! I think you'll have some fun with the towel long as that loom behaves!!

Theresa said...

Looks like a lot of wonderful towels just waiting to be pulled from the aeather!
I don't think I could do a warp beyond 12 yards and even at that it is a struggle.