Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Little Visit

 Today was a picture perfect day for a visit to the Museum of Appalachia.  They were expecting two groups--summer day camps.  Each group had between 80-100 kids.
  Before they arrived, I walked around a wee bit to just enjoy the scenery.  The kitchen garden is doing great!

  Of course, they do get a little help from the resident peacocks and peafowls.  They were very busy this morning getting rid of those pesky insects!  When the buses arrived with the students, they sent up their usual, unique cry to let everyone know there were visitors.

  If you stay on the path past the garden, you'll come to the Irwin's Chapel Log Church.  This structure was built around 1840.  The log pulpit and benches are from the original church.

  They have services in the church during Homecoming in October.


A little further on up the path is the Big Tater Valley Schoolhouse.  Tater Valley runs through Union County into Grainger County.  (My parents had a farm on Tater Valley!) 

  Both of these buildings have pot-bellied stoves to provide heat during cold weather.

They were busy setting up for a wedding over at the Hacker Martin Gristmill.  It seemed like all morning watching the chairs move into place!

  And, back in the Loom House, another placemat was taking shape!  I find this colorway to be very soothing and restful.  And, the kids that visited had some great questions.

  This was a great way to spend my morning.

Take a little time to enjoy the simple things.

Happy Weaving!


Here's a sneak peek at the practice warp (on the reel, not the loom!!!)

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