Friday, June 17, 2016

Finally an Empty Loom!

Last week I had stopped weaving the 4th t-shirt rug because I wasn't sure I liked the color for the hem that I had chosen.

I pulled out several colors I had on hand and stepped back and took a picture.  I can somehow see color combinations more clearly in a picture, and it confirmed my new color choice.

I chose the last one on the right,  and while it doesn't match either the copper or the brown in the rug , it is somehow a combination of the two.  Once that choice was made I quickly wove the rest of this rug.

It is always fun to see the newest rug coming around to cover the last one.

I could tell that I only had enough warp left to do one more rug, so I went across the hall and started pulling out colors.  I wanted use white as a contrast again, and I had fun choosing a new combination of colors.

I neglected to get a picture of this combination  in strips or on the loom, but I have one of the finished rug you will get to see further down.

I cut the rugs off and laid them out to rest before I cut them apart to hem.

Rug #1 was a striped pattern that I found in a swedish weaving book for rag rugs.   I liked it well enough but I feel that t-shirt weft doesn't look the same as regular rag weft, and I started thinking of a new way to combine my t-shirts.

Blues, Browns and Gray as the contrast color was my first combination.  I love how it looked on the loom, but I was surprised at the almost clasped weft effect that showed up once the rug was off the loom.

Then I decided to do some bright colors, red, turquoise, yellow, orange and black with white as the contrast.  Again, I really like the clasped weft effect.

Peacocks at the Museum were on my mind when I chose the colors for this rug, three browns and 2 blues.

For the 5th and final rug I went with white as the contrast color, then 2 blues, 2 reds, and a green.  I really wanted to use an orange in this one, but in the end the green won.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this warp in the Hollywood pattern in black / white and I plan to do another one very soon, though I think I will be looking for a wider loom, 28 inches is as wide as Carl Jr, (the small Cambridge rug loom) will do and I know that I would really like to use at least 30 inches in the future.

I will now turn my attention to the 8 harness loom that is ready to have it's warp threaded in the rose path pattern, more on that next week.

Until then, Happy Crafting, Tina


Theresa said...

So pretty! Makes me almost want to do a rug or two myself.....almost. ;-)

Linda said...

You're so clever it's scary!