Monday, June 20, 2016

Side Note

I know. I'm still weaving but this past week I had some interruptions so I spent most of my time doing finish work once the warps are off the loom. That means I serged the pieces apart, repaired anything that needed it, washed the pieces and hung them up to dry. Then cut, serged, assembled, added buttons, then brought them up to do all the finish work of hand sewing and crocheting. Takes a lot longer than weaving the fabric! 
So I thought I'd show you my back deck.
The miniature hostas are blooming. I bought them last year and they seem to be happy.
We winter this hibiscus in our little greenhouse.
Stanley's had a sale recently so I got more caladiums. The fine green plants in the pot behind them are an annual that either wintered through or more likely reseeded itself. Love the tiny yellow flowers.
It's hard to see but that's a bench behind the impatience. I have the impatience in a huge pot this year.
Impatience were on sale, too. Other than the funky fern in front, the ferns wintered in our greenhouse and are perking up nicely.  

Recently we got a new garden system. It's from Greenstalk. We found it online and ordered it. Then found it's from here in Knoxville so we picked it up from the business.
I know, we're way late with planting but it's an experiment this year.
I had started basil, cilantro and tomatoes from seed earlier so added some more from Stanley's once we got the 5 level stand. You water it from the top and it has a neat way of filtering down.
This week will be more weaving so there should be more color pictures soon. 

We've still got the kittens in our bedroom and I go up often to check on them. Our room is really big so they have plenty of room to run everywhere! I'm writing this while sitting on our bed and they're both curled up nearby. Belle comes during the night for a little loving but I'm usually awake anyway so she must sense that. They came with a big crate to keep them in if workmen came, etc. Inside there's a little house and above it a shelf with a nice soft bedding. Often in the mornings they are both in there sleeping. Belle's in the little fabric house(cave) and Meg is on the shelf above. I'll try to get pictures next time. With them being such a dark color, it's hard to photo them! But they are so cute.
Until next week, keep weaving!

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Tina J said...

I've never tried to grow the Caladium, yours are beautiful!