Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sweets And Salads

 Congratulations to Marie and her hubby!  They are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary today.  He really scored points with this lovely bouquet that was delivered to Marie at lunchtime!!!  The note was super sweet!!!!

   Right before the excitement, Marie had cut off the napkins that were on the cloth beam.  She has a batch of natural ones and the green twill napkins.

  She is trying out this variegated 8/2 thread for the next run of napkins.  These would go with lots of different table settings.

  It seems it was a day to cut off woven material....Linda cut off her run of placemats to get them ready to go upstairs to the Shop. 

  She double checked on the number of placemats, then wove in the sticks before she cut off the warp.  (The sticks are then folded over and secured to the bar.)  She has a new color combination ready to go for the next run of placemats.

  What is Tina doing????  On the right you can see the painted weft on the swift....and Tina is winding that into "cakes" to use for the towel warp.
  On the left, you can see Connie and her hubby chatting as she gets a new warp ready to weave.

Here's a look at Tina's towel...she just finished doing the Monk's belt border on the first towel.  She will weave the rest of the towel in plain weave.  There are some lovely color combinations popping up in the weave!!!

  As always, it was a busy little hive of activity for the weavers.  We had several groups of folks who came down to the studio to see all the action.


  There are so many projects underway....and so many beautiful colors.

  Sharon is almost ready to cut off this batch of placemats, too.  Marie will be glad that they will add to the inventory upstairs.

  Pat is nearly finished threading the colorful placemat warp.  I'm looking forward to seeing these:  she's threading a huck pattern!!!

  Just look at that cloth beam on the barn loom!  Carl is a weaving machine!!!  And, he was told today that there are more blue jeans on their way! 

  Ah, Joan!  Don't fret!  Carol will get you fixed!!!!  That's how you learn!

   Margi took all those joined table cloths and cut strips to use as weft for a placemat warp.  We'll see how they look at a later date!

  Betsy has an interesting warp on the reel.  This will be her new rug warp.

  Marie was so worried that we would end up with all desserts...but, you can see that we had a nice mix of dishes for our potluck lunch.
  Tina even brought a special LASAGNA for our tasting pleasure....S'more Lasagna, that is!!!!

  I don't think anyone went away hungry!

  We need to do Potluck more often............just sayin'.

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Oh potlucks are wonderful and s'mores lasagna make it doubly wonderful. Talk about some interesting and beautiful warps/weaving going on! Thanks for the weekly update and congrats to Marie and her DH! My folks just celebrated their 59th!