Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trying to Live with Intention and Joy

Today is the last day of September. It has been months since I have blogged. It seems that every week I have blogging on my to do list and then I get through a busy Thursday and realize that yet again I have come to the end of the day and don't have the energy to blog.

September Sunrise

I try to remember that I am a weaver out of enjoyment not commitment, I weave because it brings me pleasure and not because I have to do it to pay the rent. That goes for the Tuesday Weaver community and the blog. I show up because I want to (when I am in town) and I write because I want to. When it gets to be an obligation then I should probably find another creative outlet. That is not to say that I am not committed to the people who make up the Tuesday Weavers – they are a great group and wonderful individuals – I am there for them, too – because I want to be. It is about intention.

As we move in to the craft fair season, I need to keep all of this in perspective – I weave for fun. I know there are others of you who do this or want to do this as a significant part of your livelihood. I will be there to support and have fun but I need to remind myself not to over commit myself in the process or suddenly it will be an obligation. I have enough of those.

So here I am finally blogging – because I have slowed down long enough to remember to do it – on a Sunday. It isn't my day – but it is a free day on the schedule – at least last I knew.

So where am I and what am I doing. I am in Northern Michigan – looking out over beautiful Lake Charlevoix.

The View from in Front of the Cottage
The Cottage in the Glow of the Sunrise
Thursday's Sunrise
I have been here on and off for over 8 weeks since the middle of June. The first 5 weeks were work. I was President of a resort community and worked my tail off. This trip – 3 weeks in September and October - is purely down time and I have been very gentle with myself about making commitments to do much of anything.

But in the midst of managing staff and getting new Bylaws written and approved this summer I did get some weaving done. I have done a little so far this trip,too.

Just before I came up in June, I purchase a used rigid heddle loom. I knew that it would be easy to transport but more important easy to hide in a closet in my family cottage. In July, I wove three table runners for my daughter to take as host gifts in Japan. I tried a variation on what we at the center call Ellen's pattern. They are simple and basic – American – I thought. Two of the runners were packed in her suitcase – the third ready to ship mid October. The first host mother loved hers – my daughter will move in a couple of weeks – her next host mother will get the second one. I now understand that she may stay with as many as 6 host families – I guess I had better get weaving more table runners.

Prepping shuttles on the porch

Weaving on the porch

One of the table runners

Log Cabin Scarf

This trip I have woven a scarf. Trying to stretch my use of the rigid heddle I decided to do a variation of a log cabin structure. I used wool from a local fiber mill, Stonehedge Fibers in East Jordan. It is about 10 miles from the cottage. The colors are subtle and the pattern interesting but not over the top – I think I will like it when I get it wet finished at home. It will be very warm.

At the end of July there is a Fiber Festival at Castle Farms – an event venue about a mile from the cottage. Having completed my club obligations I treated myself to several hours at the festival. I talked to many vendors and touched lots of beautiful stuff. One vendor was selling rigid heddle looms. She had a her demo loom warped with a beautiful mohair shawl. Ooh, and then in the next room there was a vendor with beautiful mohair. Yes, I bought some – in two colors. I am ready to wind the warp this evening.....after I take a long afternoon walk on this beautiful Northern Michigan fall day.

From my walk...

The road behind the cottages

The road up from the beach

I will be back  - really I will - in a little over a week.

Be well, Ann


LA said...

Enjoy your time in the peace and quiet. We're here when you get back. (Love what you've been doing, though!!!!)

Maggie said...

Such beautiful pictures! Happy weaving!

Bonnie said...

Looks like a very nice place to relax. Have fun and enjoy. I like the table runners that you are making. We will be here when you get back.

Tina J said...

Soak up the last few days of your holiday, sounds like you deserve it! Love the weaving, I am trying out one of those looms too, as soon as my daughter finishes her scarf!