Monday, October 1, 2012

A Great Day for a Wedding

I did get some weaving done this past week.  The warp with black, blue gray and cranberry turned out nicely and I'm looking forward to assembling the pieces. Right now they've been washed (yes, the washing machine is still going well!!) and dry, ready for the next step in production!!
 The weekend was consumed with The Wedding. When we got married in Canada, 34 years ago, DH's friend D flew up to be our bestman. Now his oldest daughter was getting married. The wedding was at Butterfly Gap Retreat near Maryville. I'd never even heard of the place before this wedding. It's only about 20 minutes from our place but it's an awesome retreat with cabins and meeting areas that are wonderful for weddings but also other events, I'm sure. Small and intimate. This wedding had just over 100 people there.
One of the first things D did after J and P got engaged was to ask DH to do the music for the wedding. We asked Z to help and flew him down from Boston to be part of the ensemble. DH will tell you that Z can play circles around him but together they sounded awesome.
We had iffy weather in the morning but by afternoon, the skies were partly cloudy with not a raindrop in sight!!
The ceremony was on a point in the lake, a fair distance from where any vehicle could drive. Didn't think about bringing the dolly! So they carried the amp together. Have to proteect those hands, you know!
 Think they have enough instruments? Not on the picture is the fiddle they used to play the theme from the Civil War series.
 Since this was an outside event with the nearest building a fair walk away, the bride had to walk a long way down the path, carefully hidden by the bridesmaids. Oh yeah, J is from East Tennessee, blond, gorgeous and methodist. Her husband is from India, Hindu and very good looking. Turns out he's alot of fun and loves to joke around. They are a good match!
So, this was termed a Hillbilly Hindu wedding. The bridesmaids all wore saris. Absolutely gorgeous, too!! Each sari was different. In December they're all flying over to India for a Hindu ceremony. I'm sure they'll have stories to tell about that!
 What's more awesome than a ceremony out by the lake, no rain, calm weather and happy families?
 All hitched, ready to party!!
 Aren't the saris awesome? The blonde bridesmaids are J's sisters. The one on the right, I think, is her new sister in law. The one in green her long time high school and then college roommate. 
 Oldest friends, B and DD have been friends since birth, going to school together the first few years. The bond will always be there, no matter where they go.
So that was our weekend. I leave in a few minutes to drive Z back to the airport. Then it'll be back to work getting ready for the shows these next couple of months!
Here's hoping it'll be awhile before the next wedding!! I think the parents of the bride need to recuperate, at least until December when they do it all over again in India! Roadtrip anyone?!
Until next week.
Weave on!


Linda said...

Such an interesting wedding! DD looks so pretty!

Bonnie said...

I love that gray with the cranberry warp. Will make a beautiful garment. A very nice wedding. Glad that the it didn't rain.

Roxie said...

What a wonderful wedding! Hindu/Hillbilly!

Tina J said...

Now I've seen everything! Beautiful Saris, beautiful Bride, looks like a great day!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL wedding! Your blacks and cranberry looks like a great fall combination.
Can't wait to see the finished look. Sharen