Saturday, September 15, 2012

It Looked So Simple

  The saga of the loom at the Museum of Appalachia continues......

  Tina, Linda and I spent Wednesday afternoon working on getting the loom up and running.  The warp is wound on the warp beam, and it was ready to thread.  And, since the heddles were so unique on this loom, we were going to try and use them for this warp.

  It wasn't to be......
  Once the warp was threaded, sleyed and tied on, the old heddles could not take the pressure when we started weaving the header.  Each time we pressed a treadle, another heddle would pop.
 We had to make the executive decision to STOP and make new heddles in our spare time.  The loom looks OK from the door to the cabin....they are having a big show at the Museum this weekend, so visitors will see a dressed loom.
  From the picture above, you would think I had it down pat to make a jig for those heddles.  I pulled out Mary Black's The Key To Weaving just to make sure I had it straight in my mind.   I had my drill with the appropriate bit, and four little dowels cut to the right length.  I had measured the heddles at the Museum, so I knew how long they had to be and had it all marked on my board.

  But, my skill with the drill leaves a lot to be desired!!!
  Now the question is:  Do I want to try another one?  OR Do I wait and let Allan drill the holes for me at the Center?

  Now I know why they make drill presses!!!!
I never dreamed it was so difficult to drill straight down!!!

  I'm sad that the original heddles could not hold up for this warp....they are so unique.  But, we learned a lot about these heddles as we attempted to thread the loom.  Number one:  they don't move!!!!  These are set to be about 15 heddles to the inch, which became a challenge for us while we were threading.
  I showed the heddles to Marta...she was visiting us at the Center on Tuesday.  She told me they were like the heddles you make for a back strap loom.  She had used her netting shuttle to make them for one of her projects.  So, now we have one more clue to these wonderful old heddles.

  In between getting the warps on the looms at the Center, we'll start making heddles for the loom at the Museum. 
  And, on the home front, I'm weaving on my chenille wrap.  You can barely see the inserted art yarn using the ladder ribbon.  I've got to get in gear and get that woven and off the loom this week.  Little Parker Pup is going to be put to use at the Center next Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend......
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

We did learn a lot didn't we! It is going to be fun learning a new skill. Hopefully we won't have to use it very often!

Maggie said...

Your heddle jig is HILARIOUS!!! But good try! I drill just like that!

Your chenille is very pretty, though. You do have skills!