Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bird's Eye View

When visitors venture downstairs at the Center, they seem to love walking around and looking at what is on the looms.
  Today's pictures are from that point of view....so, join in the fun.

 OK...so Linda isn't at a loom.  She was working on her notebook.  But, this was the view from where she was sitting.

And, if you were at the Center today, you would have seen a warp cut off the loom:
And, a shawl that came off the loom:
And.....you could have had lunch with us!  Today was our "Thank You, Liz" potluck lunch:

  Liz has been a good friend to the Tuesday Weavers....we'll miss seeing her!
   After lunch, you might have caught Sharen practicing spinning on the spindle wheel.  (Tina is a very good teacher!)

It's an open invitation, you know.  You can drop by the Center on a Tuesday....and there we are!!!

Happy Weaving,


Bonnie said...

What a great group. That is all one needs. Good friends, good conversation, good food and lots of weaving!

Maggie said...

Good thing everyone cleaned behind their ears before coming to weaving!
We are all pretty spectacular cooks, aren't we?

Benita said...

Thank you for the tour. Everyone is working on suck lovely things - I really like that shawl that just came off the loom.

Ann said...

Sorry that I missed the pot luck and the celebration for Liz. I did warp my rigid heddle with a subtle asymetrical (??) log cabin. It will weave fast - now I need to find a swift and a ball winder to get ready for the next project - a mohair shawl.