Monday, September 17, 2012

Here we go again..

It's a rainy, dull day out there this morning. I thought it wasn't supposed to rain until tonight! But, we'll take it. We need the rain. So it'll be a studio day for me! Might get a bunch of weaving done. I'm so glad we have electricity and good lighting. Well, most of my studio has good lighting....the part where the looms are is awesome. However, where I cut and sew my handwovens isn't. The fluorescent lights are out. One set's been out for a long time. It didn't really affect that much. I could manage. However, this week the lights over my cutting table quit. We changed the bulbs. Still nothing. There's a call in to an electrician so hopefully later this week I'll have all my lights fixed in the studio!! Sure makes me appreciate the lights we do have, especially on a dull day like today!

In the weaving studio, formerly known as our garage before we closed it in, I finished a green warp. I hate that the picture doesn't capture the vibrant colors of both the green yarn and the accent I used.
 Close up does a bit better job but just imagine it all brighter.
It's off the loom and black is on. With the day like today, I might get most of the black done. It's almost ready to be woven!

About my washing machine. Last week the "senior technician" came by and this time he replaced the electrical panel because there's a possibility that it was causing the problems. I didn't do any laundry until the next day when I threw in those vests I wove using the painted warp. Sad to say, it began to bang around and stop. I tried to play with it, opening the lid and then closing it and pressing start again. Finally I moved the dial to drain and spin. Still didn't finish that cycle before starting to shake rattle and roll again. I finally gave up and hung them up to dry in the bathtub.
Last night we tried a few more loads and mine never could be finished either. We've learnt to get the video camera out and record it. We put that day's newspaper on the machine and press start. Then we have proof that it's still not fixed.
Friday I immediately called the repair man again. He made me call the warranty company. I got the guy that I've had on the phone that I've had before. The one you just don't want to talk to....but I did what he said. Call the warranty company, talk to them. They say call the repair place know the drill. Sad thing is that the only time they can come this week is tomorrow from 1 - 5. Yeah, on Tuesday. I will have to leave early to get home. I told them I couldn't be home before 2 so hopefully they'll come after that. I can't miss more of my day at the center!! Besides, we're having a potluck tomorrow as farewell to the manager of the Appalachian Arts Craft Center. Liz is changing jobs so we want to send her off in fine style.
I don't have high hopes any longer for my washing machine. This is what, 6 visits and attempts to repair it. With me weaving alot more now and having handwovens to wash, it's getting a bit scary. I asked the warranty people about what would happen if they couldn't fix it. They said it will be a call from the repair company saying they can't fix it for them to do anything. How many times does the repair company have to come to say this thing is possessed? I've never had a problem with a machine like this before. It washes ok but when it gets to the rinse or spin cycle it just goes nuts. Not every time, but at least 75% of the time. Crazy!!
So that's what's happening here this week. I'm hoping that this week the repairs will be done and I won't have to call them again!!
I'm going down to weave now and soothe my soul!
Til next week.


LA said...

Doesn't the "lemon" law kick in at some point??? It might be time to contact the head of the company about this machine!!!

Bonnie said...

Yeah, the lemon law. You would think it would take effect. Hope they can fix it tomorrow.