Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grandmother's Table

LA, Carol and Joyce
  My Grandmother had a beautiful dining room set in mahogany Queen Anne style.  As children, we were supposed to keep our fingers off of the table so we wouldn't leave smudges on its polished surface.  When we were packing up Grandmother's house, my sisters and I had a moment of rebellion and we left lots of smudges on that table.  That set went to my older brother's house for awhile, and now I'm keeping it until my sister has room for it. 
  I didn't know until I had the table under my roof that the table also has two leaves that extends the table to 80 inches!  It comes in very handy when the whole family is over OR the Tuesday Weavers are here for potluck.

My box arrived on Monday.

  I had decided to buy a rigid heddle loom to use for scarves and demonstration.  It's a lot easier to take a RH loom when you've got a lot of other stuff to take along, too.  And, I wanted one with all the parts and the directions.
  Once again, my woodworking skills were called into play.  But, thank goodness, I did not need to use a drill!!!!

And, wouldn't you know, the first thing I needed to do to start dressing this loom would be "Use a long table."


"Clamp the back rail of the loom to the table."
"Clamp the warping peg to the other end."

CLAMP?  On my Grandmother's table???????

  It was either use Grandmother's table, or rig up something with the kitchen table.

You guessed it.  I used folded napkins and place mats to protect the wood from the clamps, and forged ahead.

Let me just say that these directions were delightful.  I had intended to follow them to the letter, but I wanted to use some of my art yarn in this scarf.  It went very well, I think.

The warp got wound on the back beam and I got the holes threaded without any difficulty.
  Then it was time to weave.

  The art yarn was chenille, ladder ribbon and narrow satin ribbon spun together.  The warp is just black chenille.

  The back beam has a notch cut out so you can rest it on a table while you weave (the kitchen table this time!) and the front can rest in your lap.  Biscuit even curled up beside me as I wove last night.

I'm not sure what Grandmother would say about me using this beautiful table to dress this loom!  But, the results are going to be worth it, I think.

Nan and Suzanne

Liz and Miriam


The mug rug class last Saturday was too much fun!
These new weavers took off like rockets, and never looked back.  They are ready for new adventures in weaving!

Now, I need to take off like a rocket and get some things done around here!  There's lots of weaving I need to finish up and I have a cranky serger that needs some TLC.
Happy Weaving!
p.s.  I'm getting used to the new's tricky getting the pictures and text exactly where I want them!!!! 


Bonnie said...

Glad the class was a success. Nice RH loom.

Roxie said...

Oh how I envy your 80 inch table and the space to open it out. Then there is the problem of finding linen for it,but you can always layer tablecloths if you need to. Butt two short tablecloths together and cover the edges with a pretty card-table cloth turned diagonal. I loved you girls smudging the table before you moved it! You naughty rascals!

Maggie said...

I was surprised when I posted my entry that things were not quite where they had been in the preview. Sneaky Blogger!
I love that scarf!

Ann said...

Just looked at your class photos and to my surprise I know all four of the students. Hope we get some new weavers there.