Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn Begins

  Summer is over...officially.  The family came over last Saturday for the last swim day before I closed the pool.  We swam and grilled and celebrated a great day to be together.
  Now, it's back to my regularly scheduled life.
  I took my poor excuse for a jig to the Center on Tuesday and showed my lack of drilling skills to Allan.  He took the dowels and my little board home with him to fix.  Tuesday afternoon he was ringing the doorbell with this little gem. (Allan is now my official HERO!)  So, in the meantime, I've been practicing my square knots.  This site recommended tying the square knots with surgeon's knots to make them stronger.  Since there will be lots of pressure on the knots, I think that might be a good idea.
  One thing for sure, it is easier to tie them with carpet warp....linen tends to want to I need to be very careful!!!!

  On my way to the Center yesterday to take the looms for today's class, I stopped by Clinch River Yarn Company.  (   I have used up all of my tiny mohair that I like to use in the art yarn.
  It does help having a specific item in mind before I go in a shop like Clinch River or I'll end up with LOTS of fiber goodness!!!!  I found this lovely mohair blend with bling!!!!  How perfect!!!  I wish I had had this black to make the yarn for my chenille would have added an extra level of loveliness!!!

  My basket is full of the stuff I need for today's class.  I revised the handouts and stamped new bags for the finished mug rugs.  Fabric balls were added to the stash and shuttles were rounded up for the class.
  I packed my lunch.....all I need to do now is get dressed and drive to the Center.  Another day of throwing the shuttle with new weavers. is good!!!!
Enjoy your Fall day!
Happy Weaving (and all other fiber goodness!)


Roxie said...

Love your posts! It looks like your class was well organized and fully equipped. good on you.

Yarn with bling. Oh yeah! Wonderful when you find some that will hold up as a warp.

Bonnie said...

Hope that your class is a success. What are you doing square knots for? Clinch River always has such nice yarns.

Maggie said...

Happy fall! How could it not be happy with such lovely yarn?

Tina J said...

Such lovely yarn! I try to stay out of that place unless I am looking for something specific too! I hope your class went well, and that there are a batch of new weavers out there! bring the jig on Tuesday to show us how it is done.