Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Tuesday After Labor Day

  It was an almost full house at the Center today.  Lots of BUSY going on everywhere.

  Pat has been busy at her house weaving rugs.  She had checked out a book on Swedish Rug Weaving, and did a whole bunch of rugs.  This was my favorite!!!

  Judy was back with us today, and she took time to admire Pat's creativity.

  Ann was hard at work on her rug warp on the rocker loom.  Lanny got a chance to catch up with her.

Carl finished up his warp today.  We'll get it cut off next week, and tie the fringes.  It will go fast if we all pitch in and tie.  Then we can get a new warp on that loom.

  On the left is our newest weaver, Barbara.  She found a threading error, and she was quick to correct it.  It looks like we have two new people joining us next Tuesday.  Carol was taking her around showing her the process.  Shirley showed her the newest warp on her loom.

  Linda is also at the end of her warp.  A new one will have to go on the Herald loom next week.

  Maggie finished a napkin today, and started on a new one. 

Sharen wove on her place mat warp, and took time to see what was going on around the studio.

  Pat wound more shuttles in preparation for more weaving on her place mat warp.  

A picture of total concentration!
Lanny was hard at work on his scarf warp...but there are two empty looms in the back.  Andy and Bonnie were missed today!!!!

Oh NO!!!  Cindy had a couple of broken threads on her warp.  I would venture a guess that it has happened to most weavers.


Tina picked up the phone call for the Weavers, and it was the lady that had the repair job done.  And, Yes...the rugs are ready to go!

It just wouldn't be Tuesday without a little treat.  Today, Ann brought a cheesecake that she wanted out of her freezer!!!  We took care of that for her.

Thank you, Ann!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

I just got in from Kitty Hawk Wright Brothers Museum. Went to Manteo yesterday. Oh, so nice. All kinds of crafts being sold by the local artists and guess what I found. I saw a sign that said "weaving leasons". I went to look-it was closed- but I peaked in the windows. Guess what I saw. Lots of weaving looms. All kinds of woven items.
Looks like you had a full house today. See you next week.

Theresa said...

That rug is wonderful! So much catching up to do on the Tuesday Weaver's. Ha, interesting stuff goes on every other day of the week with all of you too.