Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gettin' Busy!

It was like this all day....busy, busy! 
Pat was already winding more warp for Carl's loom when we arrived this morning (and no, we were NOT late!)

There were stacks of fabric and wool skirts on the tables that were donated to the Center.  They will be taken apart and cut into strips for rugs and place mats.

As soon as Pat had it chained off the mill, Carl got busy at the barn loom.

Carl likes to sley the reed and thread the heddles before he winds the warp on the warp beam.

Eiko waited until this morning to cut off her warp of place mats.  There were 10 on this warp!  Maggie arrived weaving her Mango Moon shawl....she was admiring the colors of Eiko's warp!

Andy is weaving another shawl while Bonnie was finishing up another bamboo shawl on the dyed warp.

  Lanny got busy with his scarf warp while Allan stops by for a chat.  Bonnie and Andy just kept on weaving away!!!
  Liz came down to say "Hi" and show off her gift that she chose:  one of Lanny's scarves!

Barbara and Shirley were hard at work at their looms.  Barbara brought a little light to help her out with the threading.  (Smart!!!)  Carol was busy giving weaving tips to Marie.

After lunch, Allan brought us up to date from the Board Meeting for the Center.  Until Liz's position is filled, two of the members will be doing her job.  We had 16 weavers today....

  Since the Fall Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia is only two weeks away, Linda, Tina, Pat and I took a quick trip over to the Peter's Cabin.  We needed an idea of what we needed to bring to set up for the event.  We'll be using the porch and the main room in the cabin.

I think our woven goods will look great!!!

Now, we all need to get busy and make sure we have plenty to sell!!!

Have a great week!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Wow! What a day. Lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

It was fun! Really like the new picture...great job LouAnn.