Wednesday, September 26, 2012


During long formal dinners, we serve an intermezzo, a light, palate-cleansing course.  I've finished my large square shawl, bound off the silk shawl, can't seem to face the Weftie-bent lace warp and have had enough of the double weave sampler.  I need something light and palate-cleansing!
  Ah, yes!  This scarf is just the ticket!  It's more of the Mango Moon sari silk yarn.  It's lumpy, bumpy, colorful and very hard to take seriously.  I'm knitting it on big needles, with a loose lacy pattern.  It'll keep me warm on chilly days this winter, more so because of its vibrant colors.
 The beading is still chugging along, also light and easy, though it takes a while to see progress.  It's a great project to do while listening to the radio.
the sampler so far

 The double weave project keeps bugging me to finish it.  I'm up to the part of Jennifer Moore's book to start the pick up design, but a threading error that didn't matter during the rest of the sampler has started to bug me.  See where the two yellow threads bump up against each other?  I finally cut it off today to fix it.  It looks as though I have two consecutive 1's in the yellow that's throwing the pattern off.   As soon as I have the threading error fixed, I'll start the pick up portion, try her pattern for a while, then try designing some of my own.  The warp is a bit longer than I'd like, so I guess I'll have to make the most of it and make some pick-up pattern bags.
  In the meantime, I've done the math for the big version of Lee's Surrender, my next project at the Center.  One of the reasons I want the double weave project off Nancy is to try the Blooming Leaf and border sections of Lee's Surrender as scarves on Nancy.  Great Christmas gifts, and a chance to try out the pattern before going large on Big Bertha!
  And I've already picked out my first project on the Tools of the Trade loom, coming home with me soon!  I'd like to thread her up with one of  the 8-shaft twill patterns from Carol Strickler's book, the ones where you can thread once and treadle many ways for different patterns.  Now, what shall I name her?  Or is it a him?  Help me decide!  Until then, Happy Weaving!



LA said...

I'm such a coward....I haven't tried double weave yet! Maybe next year? You'll have such fun with the 8 shaft loom...lots of projects to try! I love what you're doing with the Mango Moon yarn!

Bonnie said...

You have a lot of different projects on your plate. You need a palate cleanse. Good for you!

Tina J said...

Variety is the spice of life!