Friday, September 28, 2012

Better Days!

Last week I complained about spinning my wheels too much, and I wasn't talking about my spinning wheels!  I finished that post and true to my word, I went to the treadle sewing machine and did some of the finishing work that I so desperately needed to do.  Done are the placemats and table runners from the Hollywood warp, woven sooooo many months ago.  In fact, I got them hemmed, and washed all in the same day! ( I still have 12 napkins to hem and wash but that will be for next week.)

I also plied that lovely skein of Merino/silk  I have been bragging about for weeks, here are a couple of pictures, I will let you judge for yourselves.

See what I mean, absolutely smooshy goodness.
It starts with a purply gray, then purple, then blue, then teal.  I am not sure what in the world I am going to do with it.  I will take it on Tuesday to show everyone, and to pick some brains!  (even though you are reading this on Friday, I am writing in on Monday evening.  We are going to take one more camping trip this weekend, and Lou Ann said that she would post it for me!  Just call us crazy!)
I love how even this looks, if the truth were to be told, it is mostly fingering weight, with some slightly thicker bits, and the purple is probably light fingering. I ended up with 440 yds, enough for a scarf or a very skinny shawl!

Today (Monday) I decided to do inventory in preparation for the Museum of Appalachia Fall Homecoming.  We are going to have a booth this year, we will have stuff from the Appalachian Arts Craft Center where we weave on Tuesdays, and individual weavers will be able to ply their wares as well!

That means taking inventory, printing tags  and I printed some business cards while I was at it.  There were several pieces that were finished just not on the books yet, like the runners and placemats from the Hollywood warp.  I have my own inventory system, but we also will have another numbering system for this show.  Other items I have decided to label separately instead of in pairs, for example mug rugs and placemats.
I also got the main inventory binder together.  I needed pages to list the items, and section dividers to separate the different weavers inventory.  We will start this week getting things tagged for the show.

 My finished items are packed and ready to go!  Now, I will just need to add on anything else I manage to finish within the next two weeks.  I think it was a good plan, I feel like I was really able to make a difference in my stress level.

I will hem those napkins next week, as well as finish the custom bread cloth order I am working on, and I may try to get a couple of those done for this show.  If I don't, there is another show coming up in November that they will go to.

There was lots to keep me busy today (Monday) and the next two weeks are going to fly by as well, we will let you know how the show goes when it is all said and done!

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina


Theresa said...

Tina, what a whirlwind! Inspiring for all of us who might be considered procrastinators! :)

Linda said...

I love your term smooshy goodness! :-)

LA said...

You said you were going to get busy, and you DID!!! That yarn is truly luscious and will knit up so nicely! Enjoy your camping weekend.

Maggie said...

Even when you spin your wheels, you get more done than a mere mortal! I hope it didn't rain too much on your camping trip!

Anonymous said...

Wow! More like a tornado. Your merino looks soo soft even in the photo. HAPPY CAMPING!

Bonnie said...

Hope that the camping trip is a fun time. The wool is beautiful. It would make a great scraf.