Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Report

  My sister and I had a great weekend of crafting, cooking and just spending time together.  Our big project for last weekend was making a hula hoop rug.
  I cleaned out several drawers of t-shirts to be used for our rugs.  Joyce went with the pinks, purples and whites for her color coordinated rug.....and I took the leftovers.
  Out came the cutting mats and rotary cutters...this would be her first time using the cutter.  We were under the pavilion, so the sudden rain storm didn't hinder our progress.   We cut all of our strips before we got started weaving.

  I should have taken the band aids outside to begin with....since there were sharp tools, the odds were that one of us would get cut.  Sure enough....she nicked herself with the cutter!!!

 The "warp" strips went on first.  Joyce went with all white warp....I went for the multicolored warp.

  Let the weaving begin!!!
  It soon became evident that we should have used larger hula hoops.  These would be chair pads...not rugs!!!  (Needless to say, we found some larger hoops on Monday to use the next time!)

***I have been reminded that I didn't show the finished "rug" from last weekend.  We used the pink hula hoops to do our initial project.  Future projects will utilize the larger hula hoops (on the right) that we found. 

  Chair pad.....not rug!!!!  For some reason it makes me think of stuffed olives!  Maybe one of the cats will like it!
  We weren't the only ones spinning and weaving on the Ridge last weekend.  We discovered this web when we went out for our night swim under the full moon.  She had a great set up at the front of the pavilion and had anchored the web from the gutter on the house all the way to the fence.  She was still working on the body of the web when we found her.  This web was at least six feet across!!!!  The web is mostly gone by morning, and I haven't figured out where she hides during the day.  But, come dark on the Ridge, the web goes back up-- just like before.
  Joyce crocheted one shawl while she was here....I spun some additional yarn for the fringes.  We also cut and coated five gallons of okra for the freezer.  And, we made two batches of granola!!!  Not too shabby for a Labor Day weekend!!!!  It just ended too soon.
  Today, I'm going to work on the chenille wrap.  I'm not happy with the art yarn I spun for the wrap, so I'm going to take another look at my stash for a better combination.  I may use some mohair rather than the black chenille.  Hummmmm..........
In the meantime,
Happy Weaving and Spinning,


Anonymous said...

We had such a great time!!! You need to show a picture of your finished "rug." My rug was horribly off center so I unwove it and saved the strips for another day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the additional pictures.

Theresa said...

Cute rug er..chair pad. Maybe a hot plate pad? It does look like stuffed olives! Beautiful work from your little weaver friend too.
I've had a couple good ones around here but it is SO hard to capture them with the camera