Friday, September 21, 2012

Spinning my Wheels!

There are some days and even weeks where it seems that all is conspiring to keep me from the looms,  today was one of those.  I had just finished posting on my own blog, (farmstead studio), when I got a call from Dear One, he needed me to go get a master cylinder and brake fluid for the Rav4, and have it on hand so that when our friend came to pick up the car, the parts would be ready, Oh, and can I mail that certified letter?

I was pleased to be able to lend a hand, and I planned to do my errands in a little while anyway, I would tag his errands to mine, right after I posted here.  I soon got a call from our friend who was helping us move cars around, he wanted to know if I was home and could he pick up the car right then.  I told him that I didn't have the parts, but I would take the other car and get the parts, then take them to where the car was going to be worked on, where I would  meet him and bring him back to our house to pick up his car.  Simple enough right!

The trouble is nobody had the part I needed, but O'Reilly's could have it in the store by 1:30pm.  I ordered it and paid for it just in case I was not the lucky one to pick it up.  I took the brake fluid and the receipt for the master cylinder with me and luckily enough our friend has offered to pick up the part and deliver it for me, yay!

It took me so long to track down the parts, that I wasn't able to do my errands and had to go back out to mail the certified letter and to stop by my daughter's house to check on the spinning wheel she is borrowing from me, it isn't working right.  I ended up bringing the wheel home to work on, I am hoping that it just needs oil.  (I may try to get some plying done while it is here, it has such nice big bobbins!)

After I mailed the letter, I checked my emails, and found out that my great Nephew had had his tonsils out the day before and was having a hard time.  I swung by Micky-Ds and picked up a sweet tea for me and a Sundae to take to him, he is only 3 years old, bless him.  When I got to their house however, they were taking a nap, and there I stood with a melting sundae in my hands!  What would you have done?  Yep, I had a very unusual lunch!

That is how today, (and most of the week) has gone.  I wonder why I feel that, if I can't have a whole day dedicated to the studio, then the day is shot and I may as well not even go up there!   I know that it is totally and unbelievably wrong, but I am a bit wired like that.

I am back home again, and in for the rest of the day I hope, and it is 3:30pm.  I am going to get this post up, and then look at the spinning wheel to see if I can get it going, and then either start on some finishing work or go weave.

One thing I have been able to do this week, is to make some headway on that teal shawl I have been making.  The gray one has already been delivered and loved, so I am hoping to get the teal one done and delivered by next Tuesday.

I have made it past the time consuming border and am happily speeding thru the body of the shawl.  I love this color!

Also, an unexpected, but much needed find!  My daughter's in law's were over at her house the other day and saw the e-spinner she had borrowed, they mentioned that they had an electric spinner, and would she be interested in it, she of course said yes.

They brought it over the next week, and she sent me a picture.  She said that she wasn't sure what it was.  I knew immediately that it was an electric bobbin/pirn/spool winder!

I have been looking for one of those for it seems like ages.  I have fiddled with Lou Ann's for ages trying to get it to work, then I borrowed something from the Center that did not work either!

This one is perfect, it runs like a dream, smooth as silk, and very fast!  It is totally adjustable so that I can wind all my bobbins, pirns, spools and even load extra yarn back onto the tubes it came on!    I wonder if the leclerc tensioning attatchment to their winder would work on this one too!

I will be returning Lou Ann's device, and the Centers bobbin winder this week.  Yeah, extra stuff out of the studio!
 You can see the wicked looking pieces that fit on the left side and right side of whatever I am winding, I have a pirn on there in these last 2 pictures.  This is what gives the whole thing stability, nothing can come loose and get all wobbly.
Crazy days, and that lots I should be doing and not much of it getting done, at least not the weaving part.  Maybe today I will fight against my doubting self and go do a little weaving.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Spinning, and Knitting, Tina


LA said...

Yippee!!! A real pirn winder!!!! And it works with those cardboard tubes, too! What a great find! I know what you mean about doesn't always get used the way I'd like to use it.

Bonnie said...

What a day. That is a beautiful color for the shawl. That is an interesting contraption.

Roxie said...

Love the shawl! Love the winder. It's such an esoteric thing that I'm amazed your daughter's in-laws just happened to have one.

I, too, have to convince myself that just a little is better than none at all. If I can't devote hours to a project, I feel as if it's not worth starting. Silly me! Very few things need to be done all at once. I remind myself that refrigerator cookies are made in two separate sessions because working women didn't have enough time in one day to make cookies. It's amazing what can be accomplished an inch at a time.