Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh, No! Not a New Hobby!!!

 Miss Etta couldn't believe her eyes tonight when she jumped onto the dining room table, her favorite illegal place to lounge, and found the evidence.  Yes, friends, I've found a new hobby.  It's actually one I've had the stuff for for quite some time.  My very first trip to Asheville netted me the beading loom, but the beads have been accumulating for years.
  There's the quilt I beaded the border around.  It took about a year, but I really enjoyed it.  I bought a few tubes of other colors then, but didn't really get around to using them.  Then, I quilted stamens and pistils on morning glories on another quilt--no photo--and liked that a lot.  I bought some more to embellish a sweater I've never finished.  I seem to like buying beads a lot more than using them.
  So the other day, when I'd had just about enough of knitting white lace, I pulled out the loom. I read the instructions and read The Beading Handbook.  I watched a few really unhelpful YouTube videos.  Then, I plunged ahead.  I tried the Peyote stitch first.  Yeah.  Didn't get too far with that.  How frustrating!  And really, there are NO clear instructions available!

 Then, I warped the loom.  I read the instructions carefully and slowly got started.  I did a few straight lines first, just to get the hang of it, then started a pattern, making it up as I went along.  Leo advised.  Actually, he finally ended up sitting on the loom, right about the time that I was ready to quit for the day.
  This morning before work, coffee nearby, I tried some more, and just had the best time!  It's a little difficult to see such small beads, but I think I'll try moving my lamp near the table, the one I use for warping the floor looms.  That should do the trick.
  Don't ask what I'll use this for!  For now, it's just plain fun, and I won't run out of beads any time soon.  Though, you know, beads are inexpensive, and the loom is small...
  Oh, no!  Not a new hobby!
Happy weaving!


LA said...

The illusive Ms. Etta sounded the alarm!!!! Watch hobby!!! Actually, I think that's cool. Have fun!

Tina J said...

New hobbies keep us young don'tcha know! Miss Etta is cracking me up!

Theresa said...

Tina is right new hobbies do keep us young. And Ms. Etta lies to watch new things too. ;)

MarthaVA said...

Learning a new hobby means you're keeping your brain fresh! Nothing wrong with changing things up! Good for you!!!!
You could incorporate this beading into a quilt, a weaving, make a bracelet, or a wall hanging. Have fun!!!!

Roxie said...

Bead weaving is such great fun! You take your strips of beading and sew them onto jacket collars, evening bags, around the neckline of pretty dresses, anywhere you want a bit of color and shine. Good for you!

Bonnie said...

Miss Etta does seem a bit upset. Good for you. You got it out and started again and having fun.