Monday, September 24, 2012

Here's hoping.....

I know you're been waiting with "baited breath" to hear about my washing machine! It's been such a saga!! I had to leave weaving last Tuesday by 1:30 to get home to let the newest repairman in. Was this the 6th visit or the 7th? Thank goodness I'd paid for the extended warranty on the poor thing!!  I didn't think there was anything else they would replace on it. It just kept banging as it would spin, literally, the whole thing would shake and then stop so it was hard to get a load finished, even with playing with the dials.
So, a new guy. He looked on the computer at everything they'd done and he asked if they'd replaced the suspension rods. I said, yes, I'd been told that was done several visits ago. He took the inner tub out, checked all kinds of stuff and then replied that, well, these are the original rods in here. What someone had done was add a kit to make it spin quieter. Quieter? Give me a break!!! I wasn't complaining about it being loud. I was complaining about it quitting!!! So he changed the suspension rods and lubricated a few things in there while he was at it.
I like this guy!!
As he left he said, see you. I replied, hope not! We both laughed. He left. I've done about 4 loads of laundry. So far it's been wonderful, not a hint of the banging noise.....hopefully this is it!! I have to baby this machine because it has the warm rinse cycle that weavers like to have. Even if I can't get hot water in there any longer, I have the warm that helps wet finish my handwovens!! I do hope that this is the end of the saga!!
So what have I been weaving? I did a warp of black with accent yarns that give it a little sparkle and interest. There'll be a couple of tops and some vests from this warp!
 I also finished Charlie Brown. I machine quilted it. It's about 60 x 70. I was hoping to give it to my mother in law this past weekend but that didn't work out.
 The front looks good but I had trouble with layering it to avoid puckers in the back. Even taping it down to the table didn't seem to help enough at one spot. However, no one will see the back, right? The back is the dark green with the poor Christmas tree on it.
I know she's going to love it and, when she's tired of it DD wants it. Who couldn't love Charlie Brown?!

Our other saga continues. My fluorescent lights are out in my studio. It's been a week since the electrician was to call back about when he'd come fix them. For now I've raided my booth lights to clip on at strategic places so I can get some work done at least! It's less than a month til my next show and I've got to get some work done. Isn't it always something? I guess we've been fortunate that we haven't had problems with any of this before now. It's just the timing that's so crummy. If it was after this next show, I wouldn't care nearly as much. I guess we get a bit panicky before a deadline.

That's it from here. I'm heading down to weave for several hours. Then I think I'll take a break to go to Kohl's. I've got some Kohl's bucks that I don't want to waste! Maybe some new pillow cases to go with the Aussie quilt I made for our bed...hmm, something to think about while I'm throwing the shuttle!
Until next week.


Linda said...

It is about time! This has been going on too long.

The quilt is so cute! See you tomorrow

LA said...

You just have to have the right guy who is willing to double check everything! Hopefully this is the cure!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the last one was the charm!!!Little charlie brown is really nice. See you tomorrow, enjoy this beautiful weather we are having...going to take my little pup outside on the porch. Have to stay home unitl I get something finished. ;>) Sharen

Tina J said...

I am so glad to hear about you washing machine! I can do without a dryer, but the washer is so important! I love the new warp, and I can't wait to see the garments in the fall show!

Bonnie said...

Another busy week. I love that black warp, but don't like to weave one. See you tomorrow.

Theresa said...

Egads, what a time you've had. Good news on the washer though. Hope the lights get fixed soon, the days are getting so much shorter you're gonna need all the light you can get!

Benita said...

I have a 26 year old Maytag washer that recently had an overhaul and I hope it outlasts me. I love that washing machine, so I know how you feel.

That Charlie Brown quilt is wonderful. Makes you smile just looking at it.