Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Threading errors!

For the next week or two we have had to switch out our posting  days because of travel plans.  We will get back to the regular schedule when we all settle down again.

Now you might think that I have Miss Lillian all threaded and sleyed, but you would be wrong!  I found several threading errors. ( I wonder what was I thinking about, maybe I was distracted by my audio book.)  The threading for Cat Paws and Snail Trails is not difficult at all, and the simplest section is the 3 twill runs that make up the trail.  Wouldn't you know it, that is where I had made all my errors.  A couple of times I had done 4 repeats and a couple of times just 2 repeats!  If you look closely you can see I am at the midway point of the rethreading, and there it will stay for awhile. 

DH and I are heading out for a mission trip.  This is the first time in 14 years that I am taking a trip that needs my passport!   I will be sure to update if I am able to, while we are away.  If not I will do a travel post when I get back.

Until then, Happy Weaving, Tina
Logged 5 miles in 3 days, then took a day off cause I had babysitting duties!


LA said...

Threading errors come with the territory, right??? It doesn't take much to distract me that happens a lot around here! I usually go back at each repeat and try to double check. Have a great trip!

Bonnie said...

Yes, we all have threading errors. Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate it when something screws up in your threading?? Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip!