Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After waiting 2 weeks for her knee to heal enough for surgery, this afternoon, after an xray and docs listening to her lungs and cough, they decided to postpone the knee surgery. It's such rotten luck. DD's not seeming to ever get a good break. It'll probably be at least 2 weeks from now. More antibiotics are in order and more physical therapy, I guess, to keep that knee flexible. She's walking on it now and sometimes goes without crutches but she's always in pain.   She walked on her torn left ACL for about 2 months last time because they screwed up the schedule so this time we will have to bug them tomorrow to be sure she's on the schedule ASAP.
Proves it's always something, right?!


LA said...

I'm so sorry!!!! I agree....keep calling them to confirm that appointment!!!

Tina J said...

So sorry Carol!