Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Tuesday Skeleton Crew

"The Bonnies" are holding down the fort today....Tina is in Spain, Maggie is having okra meltdown, Carol is with her daughter (messed up the other knee!)  So these two are hard at work at their looms.

Ann has made a lot of progress from last week threading the rocker loom.  Lanny (who has many hours on that loom) is standing by to answer questions as needed.

Karen is working on the table loom while Carl is hard at work on his placemats.

 And, yes, Lanny let his curiosity get the best of him and had a peek at the new quilt that the handsewers are quilting on the rack.  It is so tempting each week to see it up there and wondering how it's going!  Linda got stopped in her tracks watching him!

 And this will be the only peek of this scarf....I had an epiphany on the plane last Friday night, and I'm going to rethread the scarf.  I don't really like the way the pattern looks, and I don't think it will make a nice scarf.  So, this will get cut off, and I'll rethread next week.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Have a glorious week.........
and Happy Weaving!!!!!


Maggie said...

What don't you like about it? I like it! But then again, it's wrong to ignore epiphanies!

Anonymous said...

You guys have so much more information on hand than we did when we started! If you think changing the threading will improve it, go for it. I thought it was pretty the way it was. If this improves it, it's going to be awesome.
Don't know when I"ll be able to come back to weave on Tuesdays.......will get there as soon as I can!

Bonnie said...

I thought it was pretty the way it is, but go for it if you don't like it.

Theresa said...

Gee for a skeleton crew it looks like a pretty darn good showing! Some nice weaving going on there. Rocker loom??? I'll be interested to see the new threading although the one there now looks quite pretty, but epiphanies are not to be ignored!

Roxie said...

You have a fairly complete skeleton there. Fully articulated and with functional phylanges.

Gosh, with that threading, you can change so much just by tie-ups and treadling. Can't wait to see the new, re-threaded version!