Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am supposed to blog tomorrow but since I am going to the fort in the morning I thought I would post tonight.

I am still slowly moving into the studio. Today I put some of my rug inventory on an antique bucket bench in the living room. Right now I am trying to decide how I want the studio to look.

A while ago I found this lamp at Goodwill. Today I hung some dish towels on it. What do you think? I guess I will be playing around with the arrangement of things until I find something I am happy with.

I am still trying to decide what I want to do with the cubby holes on this wall. I put some yarn in there but I can't decide if I want to leave the openings open for light or fill them with yarn. Any suggestions?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Me? I am going back in time. Where life is slower, and there are no cell phones or TV's. I am looking forward to relaxing with friends and getting some hand sewing done.



Maggie said...

I really like the yarn in the cubbies. Maybe you could leave some empty for the light to come through, and put yarn in most? That must be so much fun, to figure out where everything will go!

LA said...

Going back in time???? You must be feeling better! Your new studio is a work in progress. As you get your looms and supplies moved in, you'll find the perfect place for everything.

Anonymous said...

Back to the fort, eh? Hope you're having a wonderful time! Will the rain hold off for you? Love the yarn in the cubbies. I agree with Maggie, leave a few empty or with low items to let the light through. Everything will have its own space now. How great is that?!