Thursday, September 2, 2010


Back in my "other life" I taught public school.  The state introduced "Reflection" into the evaluation module the last few years that I taught.  In fact, I was selected to pilot the "new module" along with  a few other hundred people in the state.  I just had to giggle to myself during the LONG meeting when this was introduced to the other participants....most of them newbies to the profession.  This would be their first time through the evaluation process.  They acted like this was a brand new concept.  How could this be?  Don't you always "reflect" after you finish a lesson or a project????  "What worked?  What will I do different next time?"  Reflection should be just a natural part of the process.

 I put a bamboo warp threaded for huck lace on Mz. Emily (my 8 shaft Schacht.)  It was 21 inches in the reed.  I wound enough warp for 2 wraps.  After playing with the treadling for the lace and allowing 8 inches for the fringe, I started weaving the first wrap.  It took me 3 days to weave the first one! I just love hearing the sticks hit the floor....don't you?  Thread rolls off the back beam, and cloth forms on the front beam.  Then the light bulb went on, and in less than 24 hours, the second wrap was finished....hem stitching, too!!!

 The cloth at the top of the picture is the first wrap.  I can assure you that there are PLENTY of threadling errors!  It has not been wet finished.  The bottom piece is the finished wrap. 

I followed the directions in Handwoven for wet finishing the bamboo, and dried it on low with a towel until it was almost dry, then I hung it up to finish drying.  I can tell you that I was very concerned with how it felt.  It wasn't soft....the lace pattern was barely visible.  This morning I hard pressed it with a damp cloth, and now it's hanging to finish drying again.  Now it is soft and drapes very nicely.

The unfinished wrap is 19 1/4 inches wide....the finished wrap is 16 inches wide.  That was a surprise....I didn't think it would shrink that much.  If I make another wrap, I think I'll add a few inches to the width.

Since I have a LOT of this natural bamboo, I might dye some in October when we have our dye day here and make another wrap....or two or three.  I do so love huck lace.

Upon reflection.......I really love huck lace!!!!!

Have a safe & happy Labor Day Weekend!

 p.s.  I just got my new copy of Peggy Osterkamp's Weaving for Beginners--An Illustrated Guide.  I have so much to learn!!!!


Bonnie said...

Reflection. Yes we do need to reflect. Those shaws are georgous and the wet finishing makes a BIG difference. It looks so soft & fluffy.

Anonymous said...

A wise mentor of mine once taught me that "Humans do not learn from our experience - we learn from intentional reflection on our experience."
It is important to take time to do this in everything we do - work, crafts, and especially human interactions.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Those shawls look awesome. I guess we all kind of reflect after we finish a project. How do I need to change the next one to make it better, what colors could I add, pattern change, etc. Keeping good notes is so important. We never remember everything that we thought we would!

Theresa said...

Oh it looks wonderful! And reflection is a good thing. I suspect people with creative natures tend to reflect a bit more than the average.
Isn't it wonderful when you find a structure you like, and a book. I think Osterkamps book is really good. I was so impressed when I picked it up myself.