Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here We are Again

Thursday again. I was determined that I would have my warp on the loom and ready to go this week. Yeah, you got it. Didn't happen. I did get the part of the warp wound. The Tuesday Weavers go some of the bobbins that were wound at the KMA when the weaving exhibit was going on. I got a few to use for the Christmas project. I am not so sure that was a good idea. As I am trying to get the warp done, I kept unwinding short little strands. So I decided I would have to wind it onto something else to make sure I had enough. Anyway, that was not fun. Got er done. That is where I am now.
Oh, yeah, my book came yesterday.  "The Weaving Book" by Helene Bress. Wow! That will take some time to look at. It was very interesting and will make a good addition to my library.

I have been working for DH for 2 weeks. It looks like it will go for another 2 weeks.
Yes, Maggie is doing fine. Here she is with "big" little sister, Emma in the "her" chair.

Now off to the store to get some electric hedge trimmers, rocks and some dirt. Do you know what I will be doing on another cool day?  The dirt will go along the sidewalk up next to the house and then the white rocks on top. The holly bush will be trimmed and rounded out. Then I will be done. Sat. I trimmed the other holly tree and got little blisters all over my arms from the scratches and cuts. Maybe I am allergic? Looked like poison ivy but it wasn't.

That is all for today. Until next time.


LA said...

You've been busy!!! Now that it's cooler, it's a great time to get outside again. It was way too hot & humid the last two months! Blue warp for your scarf????? Hummmmm.......

Bonnie said...

Yes, LouAnn. With more colors. I have changed my mind so many times. Can't change any more.