Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lace weekend

When I have time I like to make bobbin lace. It's just a system of knots and incredibly small, but it is fun. Louise Colgan flew out from California for our 3 day weekshop this past weekend. Louise is the one in the middle front row.  Our choice of lace was Milanese which is mostly different types of braids woven into the lace. We've had Louise at least three times now and each time we work on a different project.

Most of us made seahorses. The other projects were one person making a moon and the two making celtic crosses. I didn't get their pictures because their projects were covered by cloth. You cover up what you don't need because there are so many pins that your fine silk threads could get caught on. This is Roberta's seahorse. She's done the main body and Louise is showing her something about how she does the belly. Lace isn't that difficult. You're always only working with 4 bobbins at a time. You do your stitch, drop 2 bobbins and then pick up 2 more, make the stitch, drop 2 bobbins and pick up 2 more. You always work in pairs so it's not too difficult, at least if you know what you're doing and I don't do complicated patterns!

Here's my seahorse. She's still on the pillow. I have to trim all the threads and take all those pins out. I had enough time to start another one.  It's not quite half done. I hope to finish it and another one. Then I"ll mail it to a friend in Texas to frame all three in a frame. I'm wondering about the background, whether to make some seaweed out of the threads that we took off the bobbins once the seahorse was done for her to add to the picture, maybe a bubble or two?? Something to think about anyway while I finish the other two projects. There's no time frame for finishing the lace. I do it when I have extra time and can concentrate!

We got a new date for DD's knee surgery. She is scheduled for it on Monday. Hopefully this time it will happen.


LA said...

I am in awe of your really is beautiful. I like your idea of using leftover threads to make the seaweed! I'm glad that the surgery has been scheduled, and I'll keep ALL of you in my thoughts on Monday!

Linda said...

Your seahorse is awesome! Wow, bobbin lace just boggles my mind.

I am praying all goes well on Monday and that your DD will be on the road to a speedy recovery.

Bonnie said...

Ok, now, after looking at your seahorse, I see that the other one is upside down. First I could not tell what it was. I think yours looks great. That is just too much for my mind.
Let DD know she is in our prayers along with you guys.

Tina J said...

That looks like fun, I suppose that is why I do knitted lace. I really cannot spread myself any further! I will be lifting you up on Monday and the days following.

Theresa said...

Oh great news on the surgery and all that lace work, just beautiful.
I like the idea of bubbles, just makes me smile. How would you do them?

Anonymous said...

How about beads? Maybe those size 8 ones? going down to size 11? I don't know, have to make the lace first!!!