Friday, September 24, 2010

Testinggg, testinggg, one,two,three,three,three,four,four,four!

Here is the first sample of the Overshot throws I am working on.  I still have a few bugs to work out.  I need to scootch the pattern over a few threads, as you can see the right border is a bit wider than the left border!  I thought I had worked that out!

I fixed all the treadling errors, they were all in the tabby oddly enough, (it will be much quicker to just not DO any treadling errors), and had an easy time with the hemming on the sewing machine. (That is a miracle) 
The throw after hemming measures 35in x 45in. This is prewash, of course.  It lost 1 inch, in the reed already with the weaving.   I think I need to make it several inches longer.  I will know more after I wash and dry it.  I am debating about whether to put it in the dryer or not.  I like to replicate what would happen to them in a normal home, so maybe I will.

I really am enjoying this project, despite the difficulties, and stupid mistakes I have made.  I am able to get into a rythym with this pattern, and am finding it easy to know what part of the pattern comes next without looking at my cheat sheet.

I am going to rethread this afternoon, and see how far I can get on the next one.  I will have this one washed and dried before I finish the next one, so I will know how long I need to go.  I like this pattern so much I may stick with it throughout this warp, and maybe go on to another classic with the next one. 

Off I go, Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina
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LA said...

This really turned out great!!! Did you enjoy the project????

Bonnie said...

That looks great. Being fun is a plus.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful!! You've got a good touch weaving and the throws will be nice once they're done!! Let us know how they do once they're washed.