Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Madness!!!

Sing along with me, "Whole lot of shakin' goin' on!"  Yes, that's Pat, Ann and Marta (she's back!!!) on stools moving the top shelf at the back of the studio.  They had already taken all the cones off the shelf before I arrived, and they were in the process of moving it up a few inches.  The top shelf is now for the larger cones of rug warp (wool and acrylic) that don't get used as often. 
    (The "Bonnies" are just keepin' on like nothing is going on behind them!)

All the cones that were getting close to being finished were put on the table to be used to make up rug warps.

Pat got real busy and wound a warp in "no time flat" that will make some beautiful rugs.  She also wound another warp after lunch!

Tina set up the warping mill and was winding a LONG warp.  She was making stripes from the cones that had small amounts and separating them with small black stripes.  Purple....orange....yellow.....these are going to be beautiful rugs!

Carl, Karen and Ila were busy at their looms.  You can see Tina's warp in the background.    Karen is weaving dish cloths in a beautiful variegated yarn.

We were all fascinated with details of Marta's trip to Africa.  She'll bring her laptop in a few weeks so we can see the pictures. 

Lanny was at the other warping board winding a scarf warp. 

Ann's rug is coming along nicely....time to load up the shuttle!

LOTS going on....as usual!  We will be taking apart a loom at Maggie's on Saturday......we'll be demonstrating straw weaving on the 9th at the Maryville Fall Festival.....and we are getting ready for our Fall Retreat (warp painting) on the 30th. 

Tina brought her "Snail's Trail" throw for us to see today, too!  (Remember....she blogged about it last Friday!) 

So....keep on weaving!


Anonymous said...

Sure nice to be back at the center even if I had to leave early!! Really proud of everyone's projects. Karen, you're doing so well. You'll have your own loom going before you know it!

Tina J said...

The top shelf looks really good! Next week, I will keep on with that rug warp, and the second shelf will get some attention,