Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Warped

  Well, not really warped yet, more like just wound, but I have made progress on the double weave warp.  I will work on it today after I finish cleaning the house.  There are enough fur balls running around the floor today to knit or weave a new pet.  Not that I need one, but...
  Yesterday, Mom and I went to the Tennessee Valley Fair, and I would have been happy to post photos of  what we saw, but I couldn't figure out how to use my new phone's camera, until we were out of things to see, and out of energy to go see them again.  Then, we went to Chandlers' for some amazing fried chicken, fried okra, fried chicken livers, mashed potatoes and greens.  If you've never made it to Chandlers', please go soon!  It is definitely NOT health food, but I don't eat there every day, either.  I think Soul food is called that simply because it's good for your soul.  Here's their website: 
  The other thing I've done this weekend is work on a purse, made from old jeans and batik fabric.
Not quite done, since I can't figure out how to attach the straps where I want them yet, but it's a good size--can't fit TOO much junk in it!-- and I think it's cute.
  I'll miss Tuesday Weavers again tomorrow because of my crazy work schedule, but I do need to let you know that we have a little over 500 jars left to go of the dreaded pickled okra.  I believe it is entirely possible that we will be done Wednesday.  Actually, we'll be done Tuesday, but we need to make some for our store to sell and the chefs to use during the year.
 Have a good week, full of projects started, worked on and finished!  At noon Tuesday, raise your soda cans my way, and I'll toast you right back!
XOXO,  Maggie


LA said...

I know that you are "over" the okra, so I'm glad you're nearing the end of that project. I'm just glad that okra is still in the produce section at the store...YUM! I love your recycle project! As I get ready to strip old jeans for my rug, I'll have lots of left over pieces......hummmmmm.

Bonnie said...

The bag looks really nice. We will miss you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I guess if you don't see another okra it'll be too soon??
Have you thought of using a jean pocket inside the bag? I've seen then added to bags and they add an interesting accent!

Theresa said...

Will do Maggie. Both projects look very promising. The bag is quite nice, can hardly wait to see it finished.