Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Last Weekend of the Summer

It's a beautiful morning to have my coffee on the fact, it's a little cool!  But, the sun is glorious, and the birds are singing.  Fall officially starts on Thursday, but you already could feel it in the air.  The days are HOT, and then the temps fall as soon as the sun goes down.  The leaves on the dogwood trees are already starting to turn red.  Saturday morning news has all the local football game scores (my old high school is having a winning season....Yeah!)

Since I didn't get a lot of yard work done during the summer, I'm trying to make up for it with the cooler mornings.  Wednesday was an Ember Day, so we spent the morning cutting out saplings that have decided to grow in all the flower beds.  The squirrels planted lots of walnuts for me, and the redbuds are coming up everywhere.  I also have a bumper crop of maples and tulip poplars.  The old redbud by the driveway has seen its last days....the tree service is coming in two weeks to take it down (along with cutting limbs of trees that have grown over the house.)  This picture isn't too clear, but I had a big limb break off.  It didn't fall all the got caught by another limb and they are both suspended above the pavilion.  This tree will also get a trim!

I have neglected this loom all summer....but I have started threading again when I can catch a few minutes here and there.  My fellow weavers have guilted me into getting this loom up and weaving.  Heaven only knows I have enough rags to weave placemats and table runners!!! 

But.....I won't be weaving today!

Today we will celebrate the last weekend of the summer and this glorious day with family, food and fellowship.  The pool will soon be closed, so we are having a pool, pizza and "Beat the 'gators" get-together.  I've made up pizza dough, and we'll all make our own pizza with our favorite toppings, and swim in the warm sunshine, and cheer for the Orange & White.  Tonight we will light the firepit (heaven only knows I have lots of sticks!) and enjoy the warmth from the bonfire.  The best part is getting to spend time with family.........

Go Vols!


Bonnie said...

Family time is very important. Sounds like fun. You are lucky to have such a nice spot to enjoy this glorious morning. As for the loom---it will be there for another day.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend! This weather is more like Canada summer weather, warm during the day but then it always cools off at night. At least that's the way it is in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, my part of Canada!!

Tina J said...

I just love the fall. It feels good to get some of those outside chores done, without all the extra sweating going on. I am glad you are getting to that loom, I can't wait to see how she weaves. If you need fabric, I know where you can find some!!!LOL!

Theresa said...

What a wonderful way to spend a perfect fall day. Enjoy!