Thursday, September 23, 2010

The move

I am slowly moving into my studio. So far I am doing this all by myself except for one loom.

Last Tuesday some of the wonderful Tuesday Weavers took apart the Gilmore loom from the studio basement, took it to the upstairs and reassembled it! I am so blessed to know such giving people.

One of these days I will be all moved in. Then we can party!!



LA said...

Your studio is lookin' GOOD!!! It just takes awhile to get everything in just the right place!

textrix said...

Thats a nice loom! Happy weaving!

Bonnie said...

Want be long now. When it is all into place it will be wonderful.

Tina J said...

Be sure to call in the troops when you are ready to move the other looms! We sure love to help!

Anonymous said...

You're going to love the new space and weaving there!! Not sure I can help much with the move but if I can, I sure will!

Maggie said...

That is such a pretty loom. May I ask why you're moving stuff in the car? Isn't the studio next door? Maybe you should buy a big red wagon!