Saturday, September 4, 2010


You may set your priority for the day or even for the week. Then things change.  Thursday I was designing my next project or actually the next two. I had decided what I was making and what yarn to use. Late in the day, I got the dogs a hard chew treat. About 2 inched long. Well, my Maggie couldn't chew hers. I got it and unwound the hard end for her. She  could put it in the back and chew or gnaw on it. I heard a crunch and looked down and there was a little blood on the chew. . I don't know why but I got her head and raised her lips and looked at her teeth. Yikes! She had broken her "eye" tooth half off. You know the long pointed one. Well it borke off and cracked in half up to the gum, the cracked part was still attached. That was around 5. Too late for the vet. So on Friday first thing, I called the vet and made and appointment. A trip to the vet and $244 later her tooth was removed. She was kind of sleepy all night until around midnight. I had to give her a pain pill. While I was waiting to go back to pick her up at the vet, I started winding my warp. That is as far as I got.
This morning, I got back to my priorities.  The weathermen had said cooler weather for Sat. morning. All week I have been planning to get some yard work done on Sat. I did get up and out around 8:30. I cut bushes and trimmed them. Pulled weeds. Took the cuttings to the street for pickup. That took till about 11.  Came in and drank some water, rested and the to the shower and lunch. I am whipped for the rest of the day. Getting older and can't do as much as I use to. Man, getting old stinks.
Maggie is doing fine today. Hard to tell if she is in any pain.
Maybe back to weaving some tomorrow.
Sorry  no pictures,
I will be back on Thursday next week. (I think).
Until next week.


Anonymous said...

Yup, you're back to Thursday next week. Glad Maggie's doing better!!!
Talk about priorities. This morning I went to see a friend who was moving. Just to check how it was going. I ended up staying til 6:30 this evening helping pack and move things.....I am sore and tired!!! You do what you have to do. She appreciated my help and I was glad to do it. Nope, I didn't get any work done but she needed me and I was glad to be there for her. When my Mom moved, people helped her. I always remember. What goes around, comes around!

Bonnie said...

So true Carol.

LA said...

I'm so glad Maggie is doing better!!! I've been playing with my brother's dog, Popeye, all weekend, and we are ALL having a great time! We were able to surprise my brother, BTW. He knew something was up, but he never dreamed we would fly in for his birthday. I'll see you on Tuesday!