Monday, September 20, 2010

Other Than Weaving & Okra

Today, I would like to speak to other facets of my life besides the well-worn paths I've been treading lately.  Here, you see Abbie--not my former, gone-back-to-Iowa assistant, Abby-- deeply into granola making.  Abbie is working on the farm on a mission, to learn how to start a resort focused on teaching how to cook and live for and with dietary restrictions.  She cannot have gluten, so that is her primary focus, but not exclusively.  She's from the Denver area and will be with us for two years.  She'll be working with me every so often, for four hours at a time.

  On my blog, I wrote about the Maryville Farmers' Market fundraising dinner, and Jeff Ross, the president of the MFM sent me a lovely photo today of the dessert, all plated up and waiting to be served:

Beautiful, no?  I hope the guests liked it!  And you've seen my new assistant pictured with our final jar of... that stuff we pickled, but here is Melanie finally learning to make something else, blackberry jam.
She learned how to build better abs through blackberry seed removal, and then how to make the resulting pulp into jam.  She did very well, making 207 12 ounce jars her first day.  Way to go, Melanie!
  And I spent the entire day today brainstorming the new cookbook with my fellow artisans, chefs, some book writers, the editor and the proprietor of the farm.  It's very, very exciting, and it was a lot of fun.  More news as it becomes available on that.

Stay tuned!


LA said...

You are one very busy lady!!! Your kitchen at work is surely a marvel.

Theresa said...

Wow, I could have scooped up a few of those lovely plated desserts!
The cookbook sounds fun and exciting and of course, always good to have an assistant and a speedy one at that!

Roxie said...

At last - pickled okra is a thing of the past! (for a year at least.)

What interesting people you work with! I love getting a peek into other people's lives!