Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Warp!

Only one picture today but, hey, it's a new warp!! I've enjoyed this one. It's black on the outside, teal and then shrimp in the middle. It's been weaving up nicely. I"m not doing as long warps as I normally do right now with my limited time. Just enough for a jacket, 2 tops and 2 vests. I'm snatching time as I can to get some weaving done between other duties, like trips to physical therapy, doctors, etc. This warp should come off soon and there's another one ready on the warping board, just waiting to be put on!
I had posted a couple of pictures of a jacket I had woven to take over to Asheville to the Folk Art center for the members exhibit: New Traditions: Wearable Art. The members get a chance every couple of years to submit something for whatever exhibit they plan. They kind of round robin it. This year it's wearable, next time it might lean toward pottery, etc. However, if I can think of something that fits their criteria, I weave it and put it in the show.
The exciting thing about this show is that it only went up Sept 11. I already got word that my piece has sold. That's very neat!!! Having a red dot by my card info is nice!! The show stays up til sometime in January.
 I have some more of the fabric woven and I will be making some tops and vests and one more jacket with it. I liked the combination of colors.

Tomorrow DD is scheduled to have surgery on her right knee. She got a cold late last week (thanks students at college who cough without covering their mouth) and we've been watching it closely. Hopefully she is healthy enough for the surgeon to go on as planned. We need this surgery to happen so that the healing process can begin. The countdown will then start for the 6 - 8 weeks of walking on crutches. She can't wait to be able to go back to the gym to swim and strengthen her muscles more. We're to have her at the surgery center at 11:30am. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, ok?


LA said...

I'll be thinking of the whole family tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

All of you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

You all are in my prayers. Sharen

Bonnie said...

That is a beautiful warp. It will weave up something great. Yea, are prayeres are with you.