Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"CUT IT OFF" Tuesday!

It was like an epidemic....and it all started with Ann.  She was ready to cut off her warp of placemats this morning, and we all gathered around to applaud the ceremony.  There were 10 placemats woven on the mixed color warp with rag weft...and they're beautiful!

But....that wasn't it for the day....oh no!

Sharen, who is working on the Harrisville, had a full cloth beam, and this started causing problems with her warp. 

Tina showed us the "stick trick" so that Sharen could continue weaving the rest of her warp, and they cut off the 13 placemats and 1 table runner from the loom.
  Bonnie was the next one:  her rugs were hitting the beater!  Her cloth beam was full, too!   She cut off 3 looper rugs from her loom.

When a warp comes off...another will go on a loom.  Since Lanny cut his warp off the rocker loom last week, he and Ann worked together to put one of the warps that Tina wound back on it.  Ann is going to try her hand at rug weaving for a bit, and Lanny can work at one of the other looms.  As Ann said,  she's moving from her "big girl pants to overalls." 

Allan was back in full "swing" at his rug loom.  The shelf behind Allan is looking so much better since Pat worked on the fabric collection last week.  Bonnie spent time earlier this morning surging the edges of her Afghan project panels.  Karen, our new weaver is working on her warp at the table loom. 

 Can you see the DROOL on the table????  Lanny is putting together a  JagerSpun order, and he had the swatch pages for people to peruse.  Such beautiful colors!!!!

It was a productive day at the Center! 
Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

What a productive day! Me, not so much, but it's been fun so far! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, hope your day is wonderful but we did miss you. Had so many warps come off and new projects started or suggested.....missed your Mom too! Tuesday isn't really Tuesday unless it's spent up at the center with the Tuesday Weavers!!

Tina J said...

We had some beautiful stuff come off the looms today. Something like 18 placemats, 2 runners and 3 rugs. Quite an accomplishment!

Bonnie said...

Lots of hard work and fun.

Roxie said...

YOu guys totally rock!