Thursday, September 1, 2016

Memory memory isn't what it used to be!!!  Just stating a fact!
  I got the four 4 yard strips made for the handles, and got them woven into the piece, and then wove the next five inches.  Time to braid the four strands, right?
  Uh-oh!  For the life of me, I couldn't remember how to make the 4 strand round braid.  (I wouldn't even venture a guess as to how many of these I have done!!!)  So, out comes the handy reference:  200 Braids to twist, knot, loop or weave.  That was just the mental boost I needed!  Once they are woven back into the bag, it's clear sailing.  But, boy....did I feel like an idiot!!!!
    I'd like to make one more tote bag for the Fall shows, and I hope I can keep my wits together just long enough to do the handles on that one!!!

  I've been meaning to get my spinach and lettuce planted for the last few weeks, but I still had some work to do on my pallet garden.  I used the hay from my failed experiment to stuff the bottom two pallets (this is 3 pallets high.)  I mixed the good, rotten hay with my leaf compost and Tina's goat berries for the top layer.  Then I added a thin layer of potting soil.  They were predicting rain by early this afternoon, and I knew that this would be the perfect day to get those seeds planted.  I finished just as the rain started to fall! 
  We're getting just what we needed:  a slow, steady rain!!!  Yeah!

  Now, I've got to get these postal receipts logged...something I cheerfully forgot.  It's got to be done.....

  If I get it done quickly (3 months worth) I can weave this afternoon.  Sounds like a plan.

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Love the pallet garden and I hope you made it through those receipts!
I got to tell you, I forget still I shouldn't too. I picked up a knitted piece and completely blanked on the pattern I was doing, and you know how repetitive knitting can be! Nice braid though and pretty weaving.

Theresa said...

stuff not still....grrrrrr spell check