Sunday, September 4, 2016

Delayed Post

I did not post on Friday,  I was away from it all.  I was at a Knitting and Spinning Retreat that is connected with the "Just one more Row Podcast" Ravelry group.  Usually my Daughter comes with me, but this year I was flying solo.  I was a little nervous about it, but I went anyway.

 Into the Wool Fiber Retreat is held just about 1.5 hours away from my home sweet home, so I am considered a local!  This is my third year and although I still have a problem putting names to faces, I at least recognize more faces!

The Retreat is held at the Lake Frances Retreat Center in Crossville, TN.  It is a rustic camp, usually used as a Gymnastic camp, but the  staff is wonderful, and the Pavillion is one of my favorite places to spend the day.

 I got to camp on Thursday afternoon, and after checking in I claimed my space and set up camp in the Pavillion.  Some people hang out in the dinning room, some people hang out on the wrap around porch, but I love the Pavillion.

People circulate between the hang out areas, the classes that are offered and the skill sharing sessions.  There are also special events like the "Sock yarn and the Fiber swap", the "Fashion Show", the "Iron Spinner" and the bonfire to name a few.  I mostly spent my free time in the Pavillion from early morning until bedtime.

I had taken several projects I was ready to get finished, or to get going again.  One of them was a pair of sock that I finished the first hour I was there.  I took a scarf that had fallen by the wayside and my travel sized bobbin lace kit.  I was able to get back on track and to get the scarf about 3/4 done, and  I got several inches done on the lace inset I am working on.  I am very please with my progress, and I hope to keep it going!

There was a small market where there were 2 opportunities to purchase, yarn, project bags, fiber and accessories.  The first day I did not buy anything, but the second day I did my part to support the fiber artists that were there.

I met people from all over the US at the retreat, there were even a couple of ladies from California, my home state.  Texas, Florida, Ohio, and of course several locals from less that 3 hours away.  It is a fun and varied group, and you will always be able to find someone interesting to talk with.  I took a 2 hour "Reversible Cable Scarf" class and it was great!  I learned so much!

Next year the retreat will be on the last weekend in September, and I hope I will  be able to go.  I know I will need to bring warm hand knits to keep comfortable with the cooler fall temps that we will probably have that week!

Until next time, take a break, relax a little, and breath deep, Tina

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LA said...

I know how much you were looking forward to your retreat...I'm glad you had such a productive, restful time!