Monday, September 26, 2016

More Color

Again, there were interruptions this past week but I got a couple of painted warps woven. The first one is really raspberry and turquoise. The jackets will be pure fun! Although the one will be more winter weight, I think it's appropriate to have a colorful jacket in the dullness of winter.
The other warp was chocolate, olive and rust. Earth tone colors make me happy. I don't have a bamboo jacket yet. It may be tempting to keep the one. We'll see once show time is over.

We left Friday morning on a weekend trip, getting back yesterday evening. We drove up to Central City in Muhlenberg County, KY. It was a 5 hour trip since we went via Nashville for a quick stop at a guitar repair shop. 
The event we went to was the annual National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame awards and contest. The Friday evening event was the awards presentation plus a concert with Tommy Emmanual. So there were more people there than usual. This time we were assigned seats. Ours were in the middle of the row about half way down the room. They had given out all the awards to very deserving musicians and helpers when the only one left was the Presidents's Award.  Well, we sat back and just enjoyed watching. We're not really involved with their group. Our Chet Atkins Appreciation Society event keeps us plenty busy but our groups are intertwined anyway and we help each other. Then Paul Moseley started talking about who the award was going to. We were listening and trying to figure out who they meant because it could have been one of several couples when they called our names. Talk about being stunned! We had to climb over several people to get to the aisle. Mark accepted the award for us. I was pretty much speechless! Mark is well deserving of all the awards but I stay in the background doing registration, etc and helping keep things calm but no one ever notices what I do. That's fine with me but it was exciting to get recognition from such a fine group.

Then Saturday was the contest. The winners in both categories were the same two girls. Katelyn is from Florida and is a sophomore at Belmont in Nashville. She won the coolest Gretsch guitar. Second place went to Bella who's still in high school in Colorado. She got a Gretsch as well. It was exciting to see how much they had practiced since our convention in July. Well deserved wins! It was the first time a woman had won the award. Their hard work showed and they're both nice people!

So, now I'm back home ready to work. Not so many distractions for the next few days! Good thing. I'm about to put the last bamboo warp on the loom and hope to weave it off today or tomorrow afternoon. Then it's on to cotton warps. I have yarn and time so ready to crank out some fabrics!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

Congratulations!!! That is a well deserved award for all the hard work both of you do!

Tina J said...

Good for you two, it isn't often that those who do so much get a chance to know that they are appreciated!, even more fun as a surprise!

Sharon said...

Congratulations on your award! Sometime I hope you'll mention the pattern you use for jackets. It sounds like you have prior experience doing that :)

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

Congratulations on the award...I am sure you both more than deserve it....