Thursday, September 8, 2016


  TIME....that word has been on my mind this week for lots of reasons.

  In just a few hours, I'll be attending the memorial service for a lovely lady.  She was my Mom's neighbor when they were growing up, and had a mad crush on my uncle when she was a teenager.  She also happens to be my son-in-law's grandmother.  It's a small world.....

  This time tomorrow, Tina and I will be at the Museum of Appalachia.  Friday and Saturday will be the Days of the Pioneer Antique Show.  I love this event....I get to see lots of antiques that you normally don't see around here. 
  I have a lot of old things at my house (me included) but nothing here is pre Civil War....well, maybe the anvil and some of the blacksmithing tools.  Most of these vendors are from the northeast, and you should hear some of their stories about going into some old barns and attics.  Super cool!!!!
  I've got to check my supply of weft for the placemats I'm weaving in the loom house.  I might go ahead and cut more...just in case.  And, I know I need to wind another bobbin of the 8/4 for the hems.  There's always something to do!

  It's getting closer to time for Homecoming...time to take stock of what I'll be selling at our booth.  That means I need to get my tote bags finished and sewn!    Another thing to add to my list.
  Take some time this weekend to just enjoy your family and your favorite activities.  Time is flying....

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Have fun tomorrow. The days of really good stuff in barns and attics is coming to an end. There is a finite supply. Years ago I use to have a small antique linen business and other smalls. I had some beautiful pre-civil war pieces, one a much loved tall step back cupboard. I wish I still had that piece!