Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Weaving

   Here's an overview look at the Center this afternoon.  It was a hive of activity all day as we gear up for Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia.  This will be the first time some of our weavers have participated in this, and there are a lot of questions about pricing and articles for the sale.  You can't see Christy (you can see her arms!) but, she had her bracelets out adding beads and getting them ready to go.  The "Ladies" were back in place this week, just weaving away.  And, Sharon was working through some notebooks that are part of our collection for the library.

  Another view point, and you can see Carol and Joan cutting off the warp of table runners from her loom.
  Carl (top left) was busy all day on the barn loom.  He told me that his knees are just about hitting the rugs on the cloth beam, which means we'll be cutting off those rugs when he finishes up the one he's working on right now.  Then, there should be at least four more rugs on this warp!
  Tina (top right) was super busy on the towel warp today. 
  Pat (lower right) got some weaving done on the placemat warp.  She's got a stack of weaving ready for the show next week!!!

  Here's a better view of Pat, Carl and Tina (well...kinda better.)  You can see the top of Molly's head as she threaded her towel warp.  
  On the far left, you can see my white throw warp.....there was a little uh-oh back there this morning!  Some coffee got spilled on the corner of the cloth!  I'm not worried since I'll be washing it after it gets hemmed.  I'll just do a little spot treatment on the coffee!!!!

Frieda was one happy weaver today!!!  She's finally at the end of that scarf warp.  Ms. Ila thinks there were five scarves on that warp!   Just a couple more inches, and that warp is OFF!

  That check just might be a bribe....we need to get the lowdown on that one!!!!  But, Marie holds the purse strings of this group, and we don't argue with her!!!!  Polly is making some headway on the Ellen's pattern placemats, which are always in demand.    Betsy's rugs are looking great....she has done a great job putting the colors together!
  We've got a busy couple of weeks ahead of us...besides Homecoming next week, we've got a weaving guild coming to visit the following week!  This should be fun!!!
Stay tuned.....
Happy Weaving!

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