Thursday, September 22, 2016

Waste Not

  Remember the bags of tee shirts and jeans that were donated to the Weavers on Tuesday????  Well....I brought one of the bags home to prepare for Carl's rugs.  This is a great TV time activity.
  I like to start at the inseam, and I remove the inseam in one long piece.  Then I cut up the side seam, which is the straightest seam on the jeans.  My goal is to save as much fabric as I can. 
  I save the rear of the jeans with the pockets for other projects.  The front of the jeans go in another pile.

  This really came at a good time for me....I've been weaving some tote bags for the fall sale, and I needed some long inseams to use for the strap.    I will join several to get a four yard length--I'll need four of these.  Then, the strips will be braided the make the strap.

  This is the blue jean tote bag that is in progress.  I had cut my strips  1/2" since it needed to be light weight.  I'll be adding in the straps tonight.  Grey's Anatomy premiers tonight, you know.

  Rolling around the cloth beam is the blue tote bag that I finished this weekend.  You have to tuck the handles carefully at the sides so that don't interfere with the cloth that is winding on OR the brake system.  The white totebag was woven with the strips from my placemat fabric that had the hairy selvedge.  I thought more pink would show up on the woven part, which is why the edge is pink.  I'm not so sure that was a good idea.  We'll see...........

  I have plenty to do in the next few days, but I love seeing fabric get a new life.
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I knew you would find something to do with those selvedges! Do you have any zippers? I could use them for my bags, and I can't seem to find mine since I reorganized!

Sharon said...

I was really excited about denim when I first started working with it but the lint was so obnoxious that I gave up. I love your idea of braided selvedges for handles. Those bags are going to be fantastic!